A BADLAND 2 level editor will be added?

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Maxtor Vendelad, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. Maxtor Vendelad

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    i was here playing BADLAND, creating a new level, when I was notified that the Frogmind studios were celebrating the 5year anniversary of BADLAND, and the comes me that question...just remind this:
    -that’s just a theory, I’m not saying anything oficial (sadly) only posible things
    -I’m just a recent fan, so if there is a true answer of this (like an oficial request) I don’t know it yet
    So let’s begin :)

    BADLAND 2 level editor?
    I think that yes, there will be it and that’s are my reasons:
    The anniversary is a good opportunity for do it; the BADLAND 2 level editor evidently is more complex that the original one, but not for din’t exist of iPad and android devices: it would put this game on the top if is implemented; this feature had already been requested by fans since a while ago...

    But what do you think, BADLAND 2 level editor? You can let me know your answer:)
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  2. Flamingjazz

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    Unfortunately, @Vicvic91 has already said that Frogmind has no plans to create a Badland 2 level editor in the future. :/ It definitely would be an exciting addition, but they officially have said that they won’t be working on it at this time.
    However, a really neat thing is that many of the level editors out there have found ways to make the level editor perform Badland 2 game mechanics. For instance, check out this week’s Eternal Day level Balling! It’s got the same Rolly mechanics as in Badland 2. Others have made replicants and yet others have done some other interesting concepts.
    Check out what they’re doing and see if you can do it for yourself!
    Happy Badland playing!
  3. Edwardaffek

    Edwardaffek New Member

    If an editor must be had this is probably the best bet. Someone savvy ought to have a look.

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