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Discussion in 'LEVEL EDITOR' started by RenYz, May 25, 2016.

  1. RenYz

    RenYz Member

    So I want make a mortar in Bl1, who can tell me how to calculate the parabola? (Means how to calculate by mortar it self)

    Pls give a calculation process to me

    Thank you!
  2. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    Does your projectile have to be a non-physics object? I would go with the easier physics route :cool_02:
    The equation for a parabola is the quadratic formula, you can search that up... Should you desire to attempt this, realize
  3. RenYz

    RenYz Member

    Oh,I think I already got how to make a mortar.i just have to try a right angle. Thank you..

    ...Also your lever Dropbox also very good! Just the spiked is used from others lever, so I hope you can create your own group to make lever better.

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