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    Not that stupid... nobody had found it so far. A hidden achievement doesn't necessarily have to be very difficult, it is enough if it is well hidden.
    But we know that, and I think I remember that it was only on Day 1. Not sure. I'd like to see the results anyway, might give some idea where to try to get more clones.

    Now you've overreached the 3.500 you'll have plenty of time... Applause. This other game is just a distraction.
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    I don't notice anyone has said this yet.
    The achievement in Daydream level Switch is not glitched anymore.
    "Master of Darkness: Explode the hidden mine in Level Switch"
    Just if anyone wants
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    Said that right away at the News + Misc topic when the update got released ;) That's also why no one mentions it here;P

    But for those who missed that, mentioning it another time isn't a bad thing!
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    Achievement guide updated 4/16/15
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    @n0phun Here is the full list of achievements for BL1 :)
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