Adding Screenshots and YouTube vids to your posts.

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    This is a copy and paste job from two of my other forums, so some of the details have no relavence to BADLAND but you should be able to work out the details.



    I use several free iOS Apps to edit my screenshots before adding them to my posts. I have no idea how you would go about this for Android etc. and if you do know please let us know. I'm sure there are better Apps out there to do this sort of stuff but the following are the Apps I use and the steps I take to add Screenshots of my Noodlecake gaming adventures to my posts.

    1. Take your screenshot (derr).

    2. Add a watermark if you want to 'protect' your images. I use "iWaterFree". The free version means you get an annoying mark of theirs on the bottom of your screenshot but I get rid of that with step 3.

    3. Crop your screenshot. I use "Photo Crop".

    4. Resize your screenshots. Most default screenshots will be too large to display well in forums. I find it best to resize my screenshots to a maximum of about 550 pixels wide. Please try to do similar if you are going to post screenshots as anything larger than that posted in the forums is likely to be deleted. I use "SimpleResize".

    5. Host your screenshots. Upload your watermarked, cropped and resized screenshots to a host and then copy and paste the "Direct URL" link where you want the screenshot to appear in your post. Then highlight (select) the link and push the "Img" button at the top of the text input box ([​IMG]) I use "Pic Garage".

    6. Before posting preview your post to make sure everything is as you want it.

    7. Post.

    That sounds like quite a lot of annoying stuff to do but after a couple of goes it's really very quick and easy. Of course if your posting from you're PC or Mac it's even easier!

    A picture paints a thousand words and all that....

    NOTE: That's a little old and I've recently switched to CROPPHOTO & IMGUR on my iPad. With IMGUR you can just a a lower case "m" in the BBCODE just before the ".jpeg" in the BBCODE link after copying and pasting it and it will automatically resize your image to fit in the forums.


    Here are the instructions again, so they're easy to find if you need them:

    - First go to my YouTube channel:
    - Click on PLAYLISTS and find the Playlist for the course you're going to work on.
    - Press PLAY ALL and then pause the first replay when it loads.

    - Open up the replay thread for that course and click on the link or scroll down to the FREE PLAY replay post.
    - Press EDIT and you should see something like this:
    So now you have the forum ready to copy and paste all of the replay YouTube codes over into the appropriate holes and you have the YouTube playlist for that course ready to play.

    - Press play on the YouTube playlist and have a quick look to check that you're watching the right video (i.e. FREE PLAY - HOLE 1).
    - The link at the top of the YouTube window should look soomething like this:
    - The small bit of code that you need to copy out of the link for that replay is the code between "=" and "&" like this:
    - Paste that short code into the sapce ready for Hole 1 in the thread like this (Note I've spelt youtube as yootube so it shows the code and not a replay to show you what it looks like:

    HOLE 1

    - Move the YouTube BB code end up in line like this:
    HOLE 1

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