[Android] Glitch in Badland 2 Android

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    One good news and one bad news: the eplode all mines mission in Intrusion worked fine in the new update and thanks to it I could unlock the U Turn achievement. However, that achievement did not unlock in Google Play Games (once again)...
  2. Arus73

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    Am I the only one suffering a sudden crash in level Cloned (Awakening) of Android which most of the time happens when I arrive at the shown spot with more than 20 clones?

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  3. AKAI2002

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    Yea me too
    I mess up everytime when I get a chance because of this
    At last only 22 I guess:(

    edit: only 21
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  4. Arus73

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    Thanks. This confirms my thoughts that this must be a bug. I hope that @Vicvic91 will look into this and find the cause of the crash and a solution.
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  5. AKAI2002

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    Yea same with wheeldrop
    It crashes at the place where so much saws, n hexaboxes falls, if I am about to finish so early or the to save more clones
    I think the level won't like me to finish the best:confused_02:
    Vicvic help us:mrgreen:

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