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Discussion in 'MULTIPLAYER' started by Abdelicious, Nov 5, 2017.

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    Hi there,

    I've recently started playing Badland on ps4 with my girlfriend and we loooove it! It's an awesome game. The coop and multiplayer mode keep us playing for hours!
    The only tiny problem is that my girlfriend has deurtranopia which is a type of colorblindness that makes it practically impossible for her to tell different shades of red and orange. So when we play multiplayer with only two controllers, one of us is orange and the other is yellow but she simply cannot tell the difference...

    Is there any way to change the orange and yellow of the first two players to other colors?

    I've tried Playstation's "invert colors" option in the settings, but that really doesn't help that much since it turns yellow and orange into blue and darker blue, making it hard to distinguish them even with normal vision.

    It's really the only game me and her can play, she's not really into other ps4 games.. and when our friends show it to us we bought it right away and then we kinda bummed with the discovery. It would be amazing if you guys could either tell us how to fix it or maybe implement a teeny tiny update to the colors ...

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    Welcome to the forums, Abdelicious!
    Do you really have to select the first two clones to play Coop on Playstation? On iPhone/iPad I can select any two of the 4 by tapping them, and on PC with Steam it looks like this:


    And I select by pressing the keys, here I already selected the last two. Don't know Playstation, but there should be a possibility to select any clone.
  3. Abdelicious

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    No I've tried everything.. :( The colors are locked to the controller order on PS4. Such a shame.. we're slowly abandoning the game now. Thanks for trying to help though! Much Appreciated!

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