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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. Ben Thumbs

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    Sometimes looking in the Clone Saves Spreadsheet can be really depressing and checking out some of the other clone save counts there for APPARATUS is one of those times!
  3. ShiV

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    So I was wondering, if anyone ever really tried beating this level with missing both spinners at the start (or if it even was known both could be missed). If so, is there a proper way to catch all 3 size-downs at the start like this? Been trying again (did it a while back when I found out both could be missed but got nothing) for the past 45 minutes, and some tries were pretty damn close, but in the end, nada. Never was it for me able to get all the 3 size-downs and miss both the spinners.

    Any advice on this?
  4. n0phun

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    Not exactly. I've sometimes tried to miss the first bigger powerup, that may be easier without rotation. Never did it, but sometimes was near.
  5. ShiV

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    Did that once while taking 1 spinner yes, but was mostly luck. 1 clone would get stuck up there (where your clone is above it), and the spinner went for it. But in doing so, right at the moment it was taken by the clone, the cord it's on squashed the clone, making the size-up be gone but not yet taken in by the clones, so canceled out. Unfortunately didn't really took advantage of it back then :(

    After I posted that video I managed to get all the size-downs a few times though without spinners, but failed in using it properly. You also need to be lucky after the square portal, with the saws. Mostly I got a lot clones through but they got stretched out, and taking the superclones would result in a form that looked sort of like this: '\ . With the ' being the bunch from the superclones and \ all the clones I had before. In trying to get those clones back in order I let those hit the bottom saw, but that only got them further away and being faster than the others. Resulted in losing a lot of the clones at the next portal. Seems to be best if you don't spin to first hit the upper saw, get's more together to the next portal.
  6. Bulldog

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    57 in apparatus, so close to 58 as well
  7. ShiV

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    In the Game of the Year edition however it's a lot better doable. I had something like 90 clones saved there, but thought, what if I do it without spinners? That might make a difference. And so it did, 157 (I believe) clones came out of that first time I could skip both spinners and took all the size-downs at the start. So at least once I had to try this in the mobile version as well, even though the times before I did it, it wasn't enough. Since then I started to understand the square part a whole lot better though, how to fly there and how/when to react. Took me about 2 days of playing before I finally made it (to the end that is, did skip both and take all a couple of times but got squashed or something like that in between). Could, and maybe should've been 60, but was afraid if I pulled up with my luck I'd lose a few by the upper saw, what I didn't want to risk.

    After this I had at least 10 times I managed it to the end the same. One of those times I made 60, and after that 61. Unfortunately couldn't record those runs, but 61+ is definitely possible!

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