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Discussion in 'INFINITY' started by Vicvic91, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind




    Time Trial


    Post your time trial scores in the Timetrial spreadsheet!

    Minimalist: Collect less than 8 powerups (added with Warpzone update January 2017)

    Mission, Clone & Time Trial Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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  2. Leto_Zhou

    Leto_Zhou Well-Known Member

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  3. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    do you mean 200?

    no way i can do 220 in here.
  4. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Think that 210+ is more than possible, not sure about 220+ yet..
  5. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    If we are talking about whats possible in this level then you could say 230 is possible, but not to me, i'm happy if i cross 200, lol.

    and my goal now is to achieve 2666 clones so it mean i worship satan plus 2
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  6. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    I request to frogmind to add the clone number option in next update? Making it as an option, where you can choose whether or not to show the live clone count.

    its really helpful in levels like this one!!!!
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  7. Leto_Zhou

    Leto_Zhou Well-Known Member

    I got 211 clones before yesterday.And in the last killed by electric saw.So I think that 220 is possible
  8. Leto_Zhou

    Leto_Zhou Well-Known Member

    I'll agree with you
  9. Hj326

    Hj326 Hypercloner

    Yeah, that would be nice.
  10. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    you guys are nuts...i'll be happy if i just get the achievements
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  11. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    edit: lol my total clone count for this level so far is a freaking 14...i'm terrible at this level right now...lots of practice needed...but then again, i still have to finish the game and go back and replay all the other levels too....i actually enjoy these up/down fast levels now (at first i wasn't too keen) - they are actually really fun and a way to get a ton of clones (if you are really good)
  12. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    holy crap this games hard...though, i will say thanks to frogmind for giving the chance to get a ton of clones (i'm sure everyone basically got millenium achievement if you complete the game)....the only achievements that are going to be REALLY hard for me are getting 90 and 120 missions completed and then win with 1 try 30 and 40 times.

    some of the levels are just insane, and the controls (for me at least) don't respond all that well in some parts (i think frogmind should polish the controls a little more, or at the very least slow the damn screen of deat down!)

    and the racing levels..........i hate those

    edit: i hate the fact that you have to RACE a time in those levels, otherewise they are cool and well put together...but they can be extremely freaking hard and fustrating at times that it makes it for people like me impossible to race a ghost player/time....i wish they would have been more creative and made different kind of missions to get...too many racing missions, imo
  13. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    Agreed! However, I kind of like the races...:mrgreen:
    They should definitely slow the screen down. I found myself dying way too many times from the camera.
    For people without force touch, the controls should be more akin to Badland 1, smooth and a little slower.
    I wish they had exploring segments, where you can fly around with the camera following you to solve puzzles and finish the level.
    I also wish they made secret exits a la Mario to unlock secret levels.
    Overall in my opinion, the layout of Badland 2 is too stiff, offering only room for level updates the way the menu is set up.
    I'd love it if Badland 2 got a little crazy with the features! (New powerups, different paths in one level)
  14. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    i hear ya on the races...i mean, i would 'probably' like them more if i had more of a chance!...the first race in the game (jungle), the best i can do is second place! and that's early on in the just imagine how awful i am at later levels.

    it just sucks, cause those are missions, and i need missions to get achievements, and of course, who doesn't like getting missions.

    winning in 1-3 tries are definitely hard missions as well, but i completely see myself achieving those well before the races, just like i did in the original badland.

    i just think they could have come up with some different missions this time around....they got the collect all powerups and mines (which i think are cool)....collect a certain number of clones (super cool)...maybe they could have come up with something else - i honestly don't know what, but maybe something other than beat the level in this amount of time in like 7 different maybe, don't take any all the buttons (and make some hidden and secretive) i dunno stuff like that....variety is always good, imo
  15. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I think a bit of races are fun, but I do agree that there is a little too many races. The recent Infinity Update was fine with only one race level. If each level set had only one race, it would had been fine. The other reason why I don't prefer to have too many races is the fact that in races, you can't save a lot of clones. (The Infinity race was not bad though, there were quite a number of clones to save)

    BADLAND 2 is definitely a notch up in terms of everything, including difficulty. I have to admit the races are tight; I had quite a lot of trouble beating them. This particular Jungle race had me just in front of the first by barely a second.

    I was thinking with more types of missions as well. But I can't think of very much anymore! I mean, pressing all buttons is usually a requirement to completing the level. I do sort of miss the Hit Nothing missions though...

    Quite a lot of missions overlap into each other, like saving clone missions or Survive in X tries. I wished there is more variety in the missions for each level. (I actually wanted Hexangonal to have the mission Collect 70 powerups, which is all the visible powerups with a grace of 1) Some of the levels had the potential to have another different type of mission.

    I also wish for alternate pathways! I mean, it's only natural for that to happen now that levels can scroll everywhere. It would be a very cool special feature for BADLAND 2! And expanding that with alternate exits like what @Pizzaandy said would be cool! I was also expecting more powerups in this sequel, but instead they took out the roller powerups...(But we have the new cool rolly clonys! :))
  16. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    yea, the rolly clone is friggin cool....and the rolly clone in the infiinity level is awesome! it just controls so much smoother and i like how you can roll of the blades
  17. Leto_Zhou

    Leto_Zhou Well-Known Member

    Has been playing the MTG this period of time, until B16DAZ scores than me, from a few days ago I started to play this level, hope to be able to get a better score, is now save 226 clones, continue to work hard
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  18. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    226, niceee...
  19. Leto_Zhou

    Leto_Zhou Well-Known Member

    I created a new record!!!!!! This is one of my favorite level, it's hard to say how much clones we can save in this level, limit is 239? I continue to try it
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  20. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Definitely one of my favorites as well, how much did you save? Got 233 and it felt everything went as perfect as it could.

    the limit should be 240+ though.

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