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  1. n0phun

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    That's easier to fix, but I left my Computer for a moment. Try again in about half an hour. I'll play Bigferno online for now.
  2. Arus73

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    To get 1st here, what's the best strategy to dodge the 3 flame throwers prior to the last one? I guess there should be a right timing to pass the 3 without having to stop and lose precious time. Is it possible to just fall from a strait line from above or should I try bouncing off the 1st thrower or bounce from something else?
  3. Arus73

    Arus73 Elite Member

    Well, I made it, but passed the 3 flamethrowers with pure luck I guess, because I tried the very same way as all the other tries which ended up in barbecue... Anyhow, I'm glad I got this tricky one.
  4. 4slann

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    Here is a walkthrough for the level.
    With a new time record =)
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    What’s your translation for Bigferno, Grölle? Groß + Hölle?

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