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    1. Create a controller companion app for BL2
    2. Have everyone's phones connect via bluetooth to a host phone
    3. The phones with the companion app are merely controllers: they control clones on the host phone. Everyone looks at the host phone's screen and plays!

    Additionally, stats such as clone count and ranking could be displayed on the companion app.

    I think this approach is feasible. Might be a nightmare to actually implement, though.

    Ideas for BL2 multiplayer:
    • Large single screen arenas for free roam massacre :smilingimp:
    • A new powerup that causes clones to be deadly to enemy clones for quick moment
    • Multi track rollyclone races
    • coop online mode?
    • New coop levels making creative use of actual teamwork (due to more advanced controls and ability to not suffocate your friends)
    That's all I got. If this feature was added I'd have a much better reason to play more BL2!
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