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  1. ShiV

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    True, believe I did indeed take the size-up with the above situation, yet I managed to have 27 in a good line to leave. Unfortunately while being one size bigger as would be best, I lost a big number, only had 26 left in the end. Still, it might be a possibility.

    On controls, sometimes. But then I think it most likely will be me, not really having my day. But perhaps age of device can have an effect on the pressability (is that even a word?) and registration of you screen.

    Hehe, neat.
  2. ShiV

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    @<|-|!<0, Still find it's pretty hard to dodge the size-up just after that superclone, but I managed a few times to enter that room now with all 11 clones from the superclone before. So who knows. Actually in my opinion the best option to skip that one is when you have a clone somewhere in front - the one that's nearest to the size-up - take the size-up and simultaneously be destroyed by the saws there. Same way like I mentioned a while back in the Snappy Crash thread. That way it isn't taken by the other clones yet, and the powerup will be gone so don't need to worry about that one anymore. Had that happen just a few times, and screwed up those chances, but it is possible.
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    this level was sooo hard, i barely made it
  4. phil

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  5. <|-|!<0

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    Nice Phil, updated on Spreadsheet.

    I tried that many times, i don't think i can even finish the level at the moment it's been forever

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