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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I think it's possible to save 42 clones here. You just have to get 2 past the portal that leads to the area with a lot of saws and where we would skip the 2 fast-forward power-ups. It's not too difficult. According to my video analysis of Wheat1328's run (and a no small amount of Badlanding :P ), 2 clones is entirely possible all the way from that point to the point where you start picking up the rest of the superclone power-ups (Past the stupid 3 arm spikeball machine :P ). It may be quite difficult, but not entirely impossible. It may even be possible to get 43 clones, with 3 clones taking on that good part of this level, but 3 clones through that portal is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

    Btw, to aspiring clone savers, the size of clones can be one size smaller than in Wheat's 39 clone video (Find it on his channels!) when you reach the small passageway (Just after the area where you must fly to avoid touching the pneumatic pistons) :)
  3. n0phun

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    Now would we skip the fast-forward powerups coming in there with two clones? I was there with two twice or three times, no luck, I could only avoid one of the two (and messed up later).

    Yes, if we came past both the fast-forward powerups with two clones the rest of the way to the superclone powerups might be managable.

    No need to search for Wheat's video, it's linked above. I put a link to the spreadsheet now, anyway.

    There is a reason why Wheat picked up this big powerup, I think it wasn't accidently. Did you try to skip it? Next thing is when the clone falls down at the small passageway he'll land on a ledge, not going down all the way. Game over. I also tried that being two sizes smaller than Wheat1328, to no avail. Coming in with two might help, as the upper one will fall onto the other, they may drop the rest of the way thereafter.

    Same thing with the fast powerups, you can skip one or more, but you'll be probably too slow for the 3 arm spikeball machine. I was.

    Having all this said, there is a possibility. I could more than once avoid one of the first three fast-forward powerups, coming in at the right angle, then quickly going up. Can be retried from the checkpoint before, was down to <6 tries most times. Now >10 :-(. From then on it might be possible to avoid the fast powerup before the portal (and to avoid a slow powerup later) and the big powerup before the portal, still going through with two clones and avoiding at least one of the two fast-forward powerups here.

    Should be something for ogster. Lots of play with powerups, and most parts of the level flown in sedating slowmo.
  4. Wheat1328

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    Everything in my video was very purposeful. Lots of trial and error involved in that play through. Unfortunately lost 2 at the end. Not sure if 42 is possible. I'll have to give it another look.
  5. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I knew that size-up power-up was picked up on purpose. I did that too. :D But Wheat missed one of the size-down power-ups earlier on, which made his little clone one size bigger than minimally required to get off the ledge. I have tried getting both the power-ups I've mentioned and managed to fall off that ledge just nicely. Similarly, I have tried missing that size-up power-up I've mentioned (But getting the earlier size-down power-up), being 2 size smaller, and similarly, failed like you. I'm just saying one size down is very possible. I may understand why Wheat did it, as he may find trouble in adjusting the rotatable cannon just after that portion (I had some problems too, but it was manageable for me). Alternatively, we could do that but skip all the size-up power-ups at that pneumatic pistons portion. Skipping the size-up power-up just before the portal would probably help in getting 2 or 3 clones past the saw portion especially, together with other portions before that deadly ledge we were talking, but if we can comfortably manage with 2 or 3 clones past this saw portion, it should be fine. Btw, shouldn't it be quite ok to just get one fast-forward power-up at that saw portion to make the game just slower by time by 1 step, instead of the usual 2 we usually do?

    I also knew that being too slow will also screw you over at that stupid 3 arm spikeball machine. In fact, I got every single Fast and Slow power-up, and even had to skip the Slow power-up just before this 3 arm machine. Frankly, I had no idea how Wheat did it even though he still got that Slow power-up. My move has put me 1 step faster, which could have caused me to lose those 3 clones for a 38 clone record. Also, for the portal part, it is possible to skip one of the 3 Fast power-ups as you said, thus allowing more clones to go through the portal (Putting 3 clones across highly possible), but the only problem is just after the saw portion where you are faced with 2 falling pipes, where if not careful, your clones could be squashed due to a slower speed. Thereafter, you must be careful not to get the Slow power-up before the 3 arm spikeball machine (Although I would think this isn't very hard).

    The method to make 2 size smaller than Wheat when you reach the ledge shouldn't be necessary since that would probably sacrifice one clone, and we the clone saving experts can manage comfortably with the one size smaller clones.
  6. Wheat1328

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    I think you're over thinking it Light Rock. I just re-tried this level. Got a 40 after dying and restarting from the tippy cannon. Should have been a 41. Then 2-3 tries later I got 41. Posted that replay to Everyplay. But there's many ways to get 41. I'm now wondering if 41+ is possible???
  7. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Sure, why not. You just have to bring 2 or more (Probably maximum is only 3 or 4) through the portals leading to that saw portion where we skip the 2 fast forward powerups. Besides, at the surprise saw, you'll get 11 clones through the superclone powerup; all you need to do is to get the other 9 slaughtered just as you did in your Everyplay video, and get 2 clones through, preferably avoiding one of the Fast powerups among the 3. As a warning though, the portion after the saws needs you to be careful not to get squashed by falling pipes since you would be slower, and you must avoid a Slow powerup thereafter before the 3 arm spikeball machine.
  8. Hj326

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    If you get as many camera slow-downs as possible and miss as many camera speed-ups as possible and you are at the minimum size to clear the ledge with one clone, it's quite easy to use the sticky to trip the spikey triangle of doom and then roll back up the steep wall. The triangle will either get stuck at a slight incline, in which case good timing gets you through fine, or it goes to the two small hills just before the supercloners, in which case it is simple to fly right over it.
  9. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    42 is possible here. Extremely hard to get and need a lot of luck, but possible
  10. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Yesterday was in one step to get it, but.. lost one clone in the end.. To save 42 clones here (unlike 41) – is a huge test for your nerves)
  11. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Finally got 42 clones, recorded the video.. and it disappeared.. Approximately 15 hours of wasted time and no evidence (except account in Badland) that 42 clones are saved.. Unbelievable..
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  12. phil

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    Maybe someone should try catching the "hidden" superclone below the stone canon...goodbye social life.
  13. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    However, it is not easy to "catch"...
  14. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Since your video unfortunately didn't make it:

    Tried to get 42 a while back as well, knew it was possible but didn't really work out back then. I always skipped a different speed powerup (but did it on a different way before, improved on that even though the execution here is a little messy), but must say your way is a lot easier. But you can leave mine as a second attempt, when your way failed (like I did this round).

    Getting 42 in the end was a lot harder than I had thought, spent several hours on it the last few days. You really notice how you improve in this one however, this last day I almost made it several times, but lost 1 clone a bunch of times in the last stone-blower or the sticky thing that's hunting you was a pain. By the way this recording is as slow as it can get, you don't need to dodge all those speed-time powerups, comes in handy but missing 1 or 2 is just as good. Sad that with 2 clones it's not good possible to miss the sizes up you would miss with just one, otherwise I would've gone for being 2 sizes down from this and take the above route on 5:40 (it is known that you can take that route right?). That would make the rest of the level a lot better playable.

    Somewhere I think 43 might be possible, maybe, perhaps. Will be extremely hard to make it like that, more in my eyes wouldn't ever be possible. In trying that I think my way of skipping a speed powerup works best, the first clone then should attract it a bit so it moves to the right.

    Tried that but think that's the same kind of superclone like React has, just to let you lose clones;P It's not impossible to get, but if it's taken at that point all or most clones down there will be blown offscreen by the blower there. Only workable option would be to attract it to the left a bit, but in doing so too many clones are lost. Wouldn't put my energy in attempting that one I'd say.
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  15. Straitorden

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    Tried a route-up (5:40 in the video) with two clones 2 sizes smaller than you have (it's quite easy not to take big poweup at 1:30 and also to take only one big powerup at 4:55). And it didn't work. One clone climbed, but when the second crept upstairs (that moment it seemed like he specifically clung to all the walls), it took too much time and none of them had enough time to go further. Not good strategy for saving 2 clones. The entire level looks like to be done for easy keeping only 1 clone before meeting first super-clone powerup in the end.. So, 42 – is a good luck)
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  16. ShiV

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    While playing with 1 clone I always could easily skip that first one, yet I didn't try it with 2 clones, at least not fully. Didn't possibly want to ruin getting 2 clones past the saws there (and start over yet again, something that this level made me do to many times already ;P ). With 1 clone you could also easily miss all 3 at 4:55, with 2 it became a lot harder so that's why I took 2 there. 1 should already be enough but on most occasions will make it difficult to get both clones past that rolling edge part just a bit further along, so I took 2 just to be sure.

    Thanks anyway for trying that out. Now we know for sure that isn't the way :) And indeed, seems this one really is meant for 41-runs as a normal max, for 42 you almost have to be a mad-man ;P
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  17. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Perhaps with two clones 3 sizes smaller than you have (if the third big powerup will be missed at 4:55) this route would be workable) But what about me – my forces on such verifications are over)

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