Bomb mayhem unbalanced issue

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Is bomb mayhem fun?

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  1. Bubdab

    Bubdab New Member

    In bomb mayhem, there's only 2 cards anyone would use, fire birds and blast mine
    I myself got 10 wins and 2 losses doing this because I caught on when an opponent spammed fire birds as high as possible to score bombs for themselves as soon as the game start, there's honestly no reason to use striker boy and rogue as they easily get blasted off my the blast mine as well, and they don't deal as much damage as taking bombs neither can they score bombs or deal damage as securely as fire birds can, it really shows how people can ignore ground troops too easily because they don't deal enough damage to the tower themselves or ultility clones are just way better than them
    Overall, I give the bomb mayhem event a 3/10, you tried.
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