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    Mission & Clone Replays
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    im so sick of these f'ng twitch levels....imo, it's levels like these that have ruined eternal day for me and is the reason I stopped playing for awhile...guess i'll go back to playing telltale games until badland 2 dlc comes out


    I understand perfectly your bad vision of this gameplay, but I've realised this level "in addition" tho the previous ED level by Vavje.
    But don't worry guy I'll make all my future level with the classical gameplay :)
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  4. AKAI2002

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    I think this level is a bit easier than UP
    I unlocked and tried to play it today, I went till where it have one narrow path to cross
    The falling hexagon was stuck in midway and I didn't experience touch problems at that place(only)
    BTW, nice level :)
  5. n0phun

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    Don't see a problem with this level. Decent missions, though harder than in UP. Nobody can force you to hold your device up or down if you don't want to play it like this. I didn't even try it here as I did in UP. Cheated, again.

    For a simple playthrough, maybe. The missions are harder, especially the no cloning one. Took a lot of tries for me, these sticky bastards at the end always nailed my lonely clone.
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  6. <|-|!<0

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    There are several levels in Eternal Day that wasn't particularly my taste, so i just didn't play them or didn't do some missions, theres no need to get mad at it, do what you feel like doing...
    I agree that these last two levels are annoying to play like they are suppose to, so i just played normally and like that they are cool.
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  7. Vavje

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    It's nice to see Up and Bottom following each other in ED (@ZEARTYSHOW , why didn't you call it "Down"?). I understand that controlling these levels with rotating device are weird. Btw, consider these levels are a tribute to BL2. Then, likely to that vertical way.
    So. Bottom. Saved 1 clone with no cheating.
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    Because "Bottom" adds a mysterious side to my level, I though :)
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