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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
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    I am looking for advice.
    I currently have 59 clones and can do perfectly fine through the level up until the set of circular saws right before the balls dropping/rising. That section is having problems getting many clones through but I coulda age any other obstacle otherwise.
  3. n0phun

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    Just a question of timing. I'm bad there, but watch ogster's vid of a 90 run. Direct link to everyplay on the spreadsheet.
  4. ShiV

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    Besides playing the Steam-version of Badland, I also did some mobile-playing. I was so convinced that Clonedrop would be pretty doable at getting past 93, perhaps a lot even. A couple of months back when I tried to go for 93 clones I never took the size-down somewhere in the middle, but looking at the recording from Straitorden convinced me that might help, at least at first. You'd have to sacrifice at least 1 clone here, but would make the rest of the level a lot better playable. Took me about 2 or 3 days of playing nothing else but this one once I finally got 94 (well, if I was playing Badland [for phones] I mean of course). Yet I already had a lot of possibilities for higher numbers, so 94 wasn't enough. Once you get this level high scores aren't that hard, at least, not the ones that already had been made. If I really played up untill the end (so not having lost to many clones before) I would mostly make something in the high 80's, 90, 91, 92, hell, even 93 I made a lot of times. 94 a few times as well. Just getting past that... There were a lot of chances at 96 up to even 99 clones (I'm speaking of even 99 clones up to the very last part), almost everytime something would mess things up. In the end it took me 1,5 weeks untill over a week ago on wednessday I finally got this, and descided I'd leave it at that. Higher is possible, but God it's hard...


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