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  1. dubz131

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    yea, kind of annoying, right?

    but on another note, you got the 'great escape' achievement and all the time achievements?? damn, you are VERY good at this game.

    The 'great escape' and 3 time trial achievements i need....i've only been able to beat the time in 21 levels so far...its much harder than i thought it would be. I was hoping the recent update might make the times to beat in certain levels more friendly.
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    @dubz131 I used a lot of time to unlock all the time trials, especially Cloned and Freezy. I see that those two and some of the others time trials now have been nerfed. The Great Escape I was not able to unlock before it was nerfed from 31 to 30 clones. I also used a lot of time to unlock 40 Below Zero Outside and to survive Age Mover in one try. I guess it is not only about skills, but also about endurance and luck.
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  3. dubz131

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    i hear ya...i'm glad they nerfed some of the time trial levels because those things are redicuously hard, far i've only gotten 22, as a lot of the levels are still extremely too hard to beat the time, imo.

    i'm glad they changed the 'great escape' to 30 (but that one still seems impossible for me regardless)...i have no idea how i even saved 24 clones before

    i really want to 100% the game, but i don't see myself getting all the time trials; and the great escape is the other last achievement i need, which would be pure luck if i ever got so lets just say no on that one too

    the 40 below zero achievement i actually did quite well on....i got that achievement when it originally came out and i was super i can save upwards of 110+, so they must have nerfed that level too; becauase i don't recall it being as easy to save that many

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