Cool/Creepy robot worm Easter egg?

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Zealan Studios, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Zealan Studios

    Zealan Studios New Member

    image.jpg Hello everyone. When I first got this game, and went to the menu screen, I noticed that for a half a second, a worm in the background of the menu screen was there, and the worm quickly dissipeared. I have also noticed this worm in many levels, like the last level of day 1, the first level of day 1, and many more.

    In this pictue you can see the worm in the background, hanging upsidown. Has anyone else noticed this?
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  2. Hj326

    Hj326 Hypercloner

    I think I know what you're talking about, and I think it's just a decorative mechanical eye.
  3. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    The mechanical worm with the eye can be interpreted as the start of the homeland of the Clonies being overtaken by the evil machinery. You could see and hear that every time the sound and the light on the worm activates, the creatures in the background attempt to hide.
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  4. Zealan Studios

    Zealan Studios New Member

    It definitely has some significance, and is seen with its big eye, I made a level for it, and hope it will be in the next official badland levels aka day 3!

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