COOP or (Competitive) Multiplayer?

Discussion in 'COOP' started by FBI Light Rock, May 23, 2014.

  1. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    So...which of the multiplayer modes do you guys prefer? Would you rather work with others or pit against each other?

    Personally, I rather pit myself against others. It's not because I'm usually the better player around (No peers in my country ever really touches Badland anymore and is probably considered abandoned), but it's because there are really quite a lot of new devious tactics one can deploy, such as being crazily fat and blocking the path. At least, its great to ignore about saving more clones at the moment sometimes in competitive mutliplayer i.e. taking a break from our usual savw the clones routine. Also, in COOP, sometimes worse players tend to be not bothered and simply rely on the pro players to complete the job. Simply put, its equivalent to you soloing. What's the point, lol?!

    What are your opinions? :D
  2. Flamingjazz

    Flamingjazz Hardcore Gamer Moderator

    Honestly, this is how I get others to play and learn to play.
    Coop mode actually has been kind of helpful in the way that it enables you to get others playing who wouldn't play or would not feel good about playing it. I've got two people hooked since coop came out because I was able to play it with them effectively. It really didn't matter that they just dropped and let me do the work. That meant we needed an easier level.
    It helps reach out to those who are young or those who are new or those who just want to have fun.
    However it only works that way if you think about it that way. :)

    With multiplayer mode, trying to get others to play with you can be annoying in the way of devious tactics and when you play against someone, you really aren't playing at the Badlander playing level you could when you really try in coop. In multiplayer, it's all about killing the other person usually, not surviving by yourself.

    Coop is like playing Badland still.
    And you can play coop by yourself fairly easily. It's not as fun to try to compete against yourself in multiplayer :cool_02:
  3. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    I don't agree with that at all! I had heaps of fun trying to complete all of the Muliplayer levels myself! Many of them were really challenging, whereas completing levels by myself in Coop quickly became a boring grind. ;)
  4. ogster

    ogster Elite Member

    i haven't given up on coop yet. but it's not very high up on the list yet. my brain (and patience) isn't ready to take on the challenge of thinking for more than one unit of clones. i find it really difficult in these early stages that i'm sadly not very hopeful. i'm not a very skilled multitasker, you see.
  5. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Actually, most of the time I try to keep them together as one unit by simultaneously holding both sides of the screen, and attempting to press and hold at exactly the same time. It's been a tough task so far, especially when my sucky iTouch won't coop with me nicely. :lol:

    Clone counts appears very screwy on Coop. More often than not, I get a hell lot more clones on the counter than it looks on the surface. Even though I may seem to get less clones than in single player, I instead get more. No wonder why I was puzzled over a seemingly impossible clone count of 55 on Rollerball. Quick, save your clones now before this gets fixed! ;) I suspect this may also be the reason why sometimes saving clones missions don't register properly.
  6. Hj326

    Hj326 Hypercloner

    I know that it thinks I have 2 clones on final frontier but I distinctly remember ditching one.

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