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  1. Wheat1328

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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. FBI Light Rock

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    Do you guys actually think that 12 clones saved is possible? I have a hard time believing it...
  3. ogster

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    oh yes, it's possible, very much so. i've had 2 squeeze by the big rolling ball a number of times. then i got them as far as the two spinning oblong boulders, just before the 10s. the second oblong boulder crushed 1 clone on its way out. that's the closest i've got, but it's pretty clear to me, a 12 is possible.

    it starts to get tricky attempting to roll 2 clones beneath the big rolling ball. you have to line them up close together to stand a chance. then every obstacle after is will test your nerves.
  4. Ben Thumbs

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    Yep, it's definately possible. I've had the second clone squashed in the eggs a couple of times, but I've go no doubt that with a bit more of a skillful touch (and some luck) you could get 2 through there.

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