Does Badland 1 have a background story?

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by ForeverTime, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. ForeverTime

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    After playing Badland 1, I was shocked by the scene of the final level.
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    And I think most of the story is more evident and clearer to speculate (as game players) when you play badland 2. Which has all the more exciting “ending” than badland 1, so you should check it out!!!
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  5. 4522405DASH

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    I'm not allowed to tell.. i wish I could though :(
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  7. ForeverTime

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    Thank you for your suggestion. I playing Badland 2 now.(Though I think that it's much more difficult than Badland 1)Anyway, thanks for your advice and I'll check it out as soon as possible!
  8. n0phun

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    I was never sure which level you meant but forgot to ask. Last level of Day 2, Oblivion? (as there were more levels later in the Doomsday and Daydream packs) And why shocked? The red eye? The hanging rabbit?
  9. ForeverTime

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    Both the final level in Day I (Final Frontier) and Day II (Oblivion). The word "shocked" may be somewhat unappropriate, sorry for that, English is a foreign language for me.And the reason why I felt "shocked" (or to say "amazed") is that the scene in the end is a bit puzzling(?), especially after the red eye came out, the clone disappered,what happened then. Anyway, it's just my imagination, and I really hope that there is a background story behind this game.
  10. Flamingjazz

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    Yes I do believe that the developers have a background story. Victor (Vicvic91) has thrown too many explanations around in both a public and private setting. Why 4522405Dash says he could say something is because he was part of that conversation.
    But I don’t believe we are at liberty to say it (unless he says otherwise) and it honestly wasn’t the whole story but just minor hints at something bigger.
    My conclusion is that yes there is a bigger story that the developers have, and I would even say there is potential (if even just that, potential) for another game, but they just haven’t released it or any of that story.
    Guess we just get to wait and see. (Fan speculation and interpretation of the story may very well be all we end up with!)

    On the side,
    Despite Badland Brawl being a badland game, it is only a spinoff, and it has virtually no story, and really nothing to contribute to this discussion. It does have a bunch of characters, including a “King Clony” which looks nothing like a Clony, but all of them are just, well, characters and the King Clony is just a Clash Royale-like king (the games are similar)

    In addition to what is laid out, I want to mention that they have mentioned that they will have 2 more games coming out this year potentially. See the article about Frogmind partnering with Supercell on the main, and read through Johannes’s comments. If you’re interested, they’ve already hinted at the next game on Facebook (check Frogmind out on Facebook). They’re looking for iOS gamers to beta test (I don’t think anyone has started beta testing the game). I have beta tested 2 times for them already and both times took about 3 months before the game came out. So give it 3 months and we might even have more information out.

    However, Frogmind is done, at least for right now, with “Badland” and “Badland 2” in creating additions for them, at least for now. So it’s more likely going to have more backstory in a new game and less likely in an update to the games already out, at least for the moment. Or maybe we’ll just have them share some things some day.

    Hope this has given you some fun reading

    In short: Yes, they have a backstory that they haven’t released, but who knows if or when they will release it? Maybe in the next two games?
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  11. Flamingjazz

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    Badland does indeed have a backstory! Want to find out what it is?
    New update released in Badland Brawl where you can find out the backstory of how Clony got into this mess.
    I will do my best to let everyone know some of the information they have in that game for his background story here, but you can always go and find out yourself!
    If you want early access to the game and haven’t got the opportunity to play it yet, check out the #BBrawl contest where you can win early access to the game.
    I’m stoked and excited to find out the story myself. Unfortunately you have to play the game to find out.
  12. 4522405DASH

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    Looks like this isn’t directed at me lol
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    clony has a mouth

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