Discussion in 'DAY II' started by Ben Thumbs, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Bulldog

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    Just got 60 after loads of trying
    Have uploaded video to everyplay
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  2. Straitorden

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    Absolutely infernal level for saving 58-59 clones and over. The number of 62 clones, which managed to save ShiV, was all the time in one step and at the same time just out of reach. Twice had the opportunity for saving 64 (was the number of clones in the final part with rotating wheels), once was potentiality for 67, once for 66 (right before the final part with the wheels), not counting the attempts for 63 or 62, and they were not embodied. Think that physical maximum (given by the number of clones that can be conducted through a narrow passage before the wheels) is 64-65. 64 at least are absolutely possible..

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