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    At first I thought it depended on current speed and how long finger was on/off
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    Just a thought:
    Perhaps "Downtime" is a pun and has to do with the time going down vs up.
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    At first, I want to give a big shout-out towards Microsoft. Their game-recorder that's built in into Windows 10 works stellar! Because of some error my video-input from the phone is only at 1280*768or720 pixels, but the recording of my laptop screen happens in full-hd. So there is some loss on the detail I have ingame, but still, this gives great, solid recordings, without any framedrops on a high resolution! Going to make use of this from now on for sure.

    On with Downtime. About 2 weeks ago I saved 33 clones, the maximum possible set at that moment. I changed that at that time, here was my 33-run and why the maximum is increased:

    I was thinking how it might be possible to increase the maximum number of clones here. The problem is the killing machine with the laser, following you and your clones. Since you can't activate the machine first and pull away quickly so the machine would start off with leaving all the clones behind it, I thought who knows you can wait out with some clones in that hallway/tube above the laser, and have the machine go past the clones that are waiting. It might even be able to do that without missing a speed powerup, but in my eyes the clone(s) would have to be slower to be able to do this. Plus getting smaller would help.
    So I tried several combinations. About skipping a speedy, it isn't all that hard, but you need to 'get the feeling' for it. About size: It's possible to get down 3 sizes towards the normal way of playing up until the tube. That would mean you'd skip the one just before the portal (started the recording a bit too late, but to clarify I started from checkpoint there), and the 2 I did in my run. The one at the portal however is kinda tricky, since if you skip that one but don't skip the speedy after this and restart from checkpoint, you're past the size-up. In that case (what is most of the times) you won't be able to miss that one (or you'll have to restart the level). The next size-up is pretty easy to be missed, just watch out that you don't jump to high, not much room there to jump. The third size-up you can skip is the one at the laser, isn't the easiest one to miss but with some practise is possible.
    When you arrive at the tube (in all scenarios written next I also mean with skipping 1 speedy) there are several sizes you can be. First, you missed none of the size-ups. Like this you will die at the first part of the tube, perhaps it's possible to make it at the next, not sure. Second, you missed one. Being like that you sometimes live and sometimes don't at that first part. Your clone would have to be exactly in that narrow part like I did, but depending on the angle of the clone it sometimes might make it and sometimes will get crushed. Don't think of trying to save 2 clones this size, they'll crush each other. Again it might be possible in the next part of the tube. Third, 2 were missed. If played correctly 3(+?) can make it at the first part. Fourth, 3 missed, never had that so can't say how many might make it.
    I always tried to save the clones at the first part of the tube. This since, if you slow them down a bit, the laser will get to destroy the first size-up in the tube before that one gets to you. If you try to save more clones at the second part you'd have to take that size-up making you at least one size bigger again, if not two when the size-up in the second part is taken as well.
    Theoretically this would get you down 5 (3 before and 2 inside the tube) sizes towards the regular way of playing, what helps a lot towards the end. Yet reaching this with one or more clones will be harder this way, since lasers will more easily kill you. Positive thing is if you accidentally take one or two sizes-up at the 2 moving lasers-section that doesn't matter as much as normally, since you're a lot smaller already :)
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    Imo, the problem isn't actually the laser-killing machine you mentioned. It's more of the mines after that. The number of mines there mean that probably only one would make it out alive at the end. So unless someone proves that you could make more than one clone past those mines, the max would still be 33...

    It could be possible if you have make it so that the mines propel a clone with an upward trajectory, and hope that the other clones don't get left behind. Who knows someone will pull it off? o_O
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    I believe 1 time I had 2 clones up until the last mine, only that one bit me in the ass :p But with some luck I think it should be posible, of course the level doesn't make it easy so it's not likely to happen all that fast but who knows... :)
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    Wow, Shiv... this is crazy. :eek:

    Are you a robot?

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