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  1. This is my favorite level in the entire game because of the giant robot and the clear dark sky blue background.I love giant robots in very cool games. :lol:
  2. Agreed with all of you.Speed can be very annoying at times in this game.
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    Hang on a second. 29?! Wow, Kullua, you are definitely sure you got that, correct? I couldn't believe my eyes! How is it remotely possible to even stack 29 clones on that AT-ST (as I like to call it since it so resembles that chicken walker in Star Wars :P )?!?!

    Haha Kullua, aren't you going to post your insane clone counts for Doomsday as well? ;)
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    Kullua already posted how to do it, but the post is well hidden on the previous page and cryptic to the extreme. Couldn't understand it at the time he posted, have tried again occassionally and didn't luck until two days ago. I'll quote it in full here, the first part is still a mystery to me:

    Gravity pieces? Rotating half circles? I'm absolutely at a loss here. There is a part with two saws, a enlarger at the beginning you have to miss and two fast forward (time) powerups, one of them you must miss. Can that be the part that is meant?

    This must have numbed my mind the first times I read this post, as the second part is clear:

    I searched for triangles instead of rectangles formerly. ;-) Reading helps. That's this point. Easy to see how it is possible to save more clones if your clones are one or two sizes smaller.

    Never had it done, so far. Once I lucked to miss one of the two enlargers, but was killed soon later. Not easy to keep the 11 clones together in the moving rectangles. But I will, one day. Only got 17 now, better than my former 12, but still lame.
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    I think I understand what is Kullua is saying. However, it's probably because I skimmed through it in that I never realized such a technique exists. Also, the poor English obscured the meaning of the post. Let me clarify...

    Indeed, the first part is that part you guessed. Congrats on guessing it right, n0phun! :D This technique was already depicted in Wheat's 19 clone video, so that's nothing new to us. I have no idea why Kullua used half-circles when they are in fact 2 saws that have only their upper half exposed since that is inaccurate, but I understand the gravity pieces.

    The powerups Kullua was referring to are more commonly known as Time Slow powerups. What this does is to slow time down. Hence, when you release your hold on the screen and clones start falling to the ground, they fall to the ground slower as they move more slowly downwards in the perception of our eyes (Hmmm....what does it actually look like/feel like in their world? :lol: ). This can create a false perception that gravity has been lowered due to the falling down of the clones being less quick which is a possible result of lower gravity (As the laws of gravitation say so :mrgreen: ). Since Time Slow powerups "make gravity less", Time Fast powerups "make gravity more", by avoiding one of the Time Fast powerups, "gravity will become lesser than normal", which in turn allows "your clone to float more" due to "lesser than normal gravity". Thus, this forms the false perception that these powerups are gravity pieces.

    The second part was ok to me when I read it. It was understandable and possibly one of the better ways to explain it. No complains there. :)

    P.S. I give up on catching up with you on your clone records, n0phun! It seems that no matter how much I improve, you will always keep the distance from me! I really applaud you n0phun. :D
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    I finally understand what Kullua did here.

    At that part where Wheat discovered you can dodge one speed time powerup, you have to also dodge the increase speed powerup ( you have to compensate this after by dodging one decrease speed powerup otherwhise you will lose a lot of clones at the finale)

    That way you have enough time to dodge the two size up powerups at that shaking crazy collumns. I used to think it was luck but it isn't.

    I was able to increase my clone counting to 25, and understand Kullua's amazing 29.
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    Another youtuber has saved 30 clones along with me, but here’s my 30 clone video just for show
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