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    So this is the first thread I’ve ever made in a while, and as you can see about the title, this is about Everyplay. I’m sure you’ve known that Everyplay is the main recorder for Badland, and if you don’t you probably live under a rock. The thing is, Everyplay is shutting down on October 1st. :( For more information you can find in the the link below:


    I’ve been a 5-year EP veteran, and I’m sad to see it go. That’s way longer than I’ve been on his forum!

    The question is: What will happen after Everyplay shuts down? Will Frogmind find an alternative to a screen recorder to BL 1? One possibility I think is that the Everyplay button will just be simply removed, disabling anyone to share more videos to the world. The Battle Cats just had Update 7.0 a few days ago, and screen recording has just gotten removed in that update. So what will happen? For now, we are counting down to October in sadness. People are making Discord servers in order to continue to ways of Everyplay, and we continue to use Everyplay as normal.

    R.I.P Everyplay 2012-2018 :(
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    maybe make the record button save video to Photos (just like BADLAND 2)
    that way you can share it everywhere not just on Everyplay and its sharing options
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    "In June 2018 we will release a final version of the SDK that grants you access to the raw video files produced during recording. "-everyplay.

    so my idea is more solid

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