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    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
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    Hmm...I'm bored so I decided to revive this!



    - Do not stop time (Equivalent to the achievement Anti-Stop)
    - Save 5 clones or more.
    - Upload replay to Everyplay to prove it.
    - Post the Everyplay link, or embed your YouTube clip in this thread to claim victory.
    - Good luck! :mrgreen:

    I'm wondering whether I should add any more requirements... (E.g. Must get all 3 FAST powerups, Get all size-up powerups :o , etc)
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    I always had a feeling that those tiny rocks at the beginning in this level could have a better purpose than just being there. Sometimes I already could make use of them, by trying to push one or two forward, so they might make it past the portal. Somehow before I didn't think of combining this with detonating the mine, what makes a bigger number of stones moving forward. Now, in most cases this doesn't lead towards the best situation, and only 1 of the size-ups or even none of them get hit, what makes them move. Yet sometimes, both powerups will be touched enough so they start rolling, away from the portal. When that happens, suddenly a higher clonecount can be made possible:

    This is the most I got through, but who knows even more is possible. In theory that would mean even a 60+ clonecount would be possible. Of course you'd still need to make it with that many clones towards the end, what isn't all that easy (though I finally understand how to [sorta] play the part where you shrink in size up until the time-stop button better, to keep losses at a rather minimal level).
    What I've come to learn (haven't played this one for a few weeks though, video was recorded about a month ago already..) about the effect of those rocks, is that even though a couple could've gone through the portals yet, those don't have an effect on the powerups. You really need to 'see'the moment the rock(s) get through the portal, so you also see them hit the powerups. If a couple went in before you had a visual on the portal, they will most likely be bouncing around a bit further along but almost never will have (had) the desired effect on the powerups.
    Bytheway, also without having the size-ups on the move, more than the 54 maximum that stood in the spreadsheet is possible. I believe I've got (on rare cases) 7 or 8 clones past the portal even without taking a size-up, where the rocks had no effect on the powerups.

    Besides this level there have been a few others I believe where the maximum clonecount can be bigger as their value is at this moment in the spreadsheet. A few coming to mind at the moment:

    • Apparatus; Not sure why Chic0 changed that to 70. In my eyes, when a run would go perfect (what most likely will never happen), I'd say the max would be 84, so 1 under the level-total. That single one that's lost would've been sacrificed in order to take the size-down at the beginning, all others should theoretically have to be able to make it.
    • Rapids; I've got the feeling 51+ should be possible. Now it's 51 as a strict limit, but obviously it is possible to get more clones past that magnetic-field at the beginning, my max was 5 lined-up I believe (so I really got 25 past the saws that follow). Of course getting anywhere near 51 or more is a hard task on its own, but in my eyes it should be possible (btw Straitorden, that was a phenomenal run you did there, after seeing that I tried for a while, pretty fast I actually got 49 right to the last point but screwed up 5 clones there, after that never came that close again ;P ).
    • Glow; It is possible to get more clones than just 1 past the upside down 'scales', (almost?) without taking any extra speed or size-up powerups.
    • Nest; At the moment it says 29 as a max. Say for example you only have 1 clone at the moment you take the size-down, just before the spinning stones. 1 there, plus 14 at the stones, and 12 after. That's already 27. But if you look for example at the recording n0phun made, where he got 4 towards the size-down, that would theoretically already give 30, what (if not more) should be possible imo.
    Just to name a few that I believe can have higher savings as their max says now. Please let me hear what you think, should the values that have been there so long be changed or not?

    Another one is Downtime, but for that, I'd say take a look in that topic ;)
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    That is just...brilliant, ShiV! Hats off to you, once again! Never thought of using those small rocks before. I always thought they were simply a pain haha. 54 was made based on my estimation that max about only 5-7 clones would made it through (I did this estimation way back, lazy to recalculate lol :tonguewink:)

    I personally had no idea who set such a definite number to Apparatus. I simply assumed the person who set it knew precisely what he/she was doing, and did some pretty precise calculations, possibly along with some reasonable estimates. I never really took a look at this level after the max was set so...

    The max was based on the assumption that only 2 would get by the saws. Since they would unlikely to stay together tightly, 1 would be used to get the size-down power-up, the other would proceed forward with the other collected 20 clones. Now that Straitorden proved that it's possible to break the flock nice enough to still have only 1 clone sacrificed to get the size-down power-up, maybe this limit could be increased?

    If that's the case, then go ahead and make the changes to the max! :) How many do you think can get past those scales then?

    29 was made on the assumption that only reasonably 3 clones could past the arena with the 3 eggs and the 2 Fast power-ups without getting the Fast power-ups. n0phun did indeed get 4 past that arena, but he got one Fast power-up on the way out. 4 sounds a little hard for me...
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    I put 70 on apparatus cause it seemed like a reasonable max, no calculations were made... i just don't have Shiv's eyes for the impossible.

    i mean, 84? what the actual f

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