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    Time Trial


    Post your time trial scores in the Timetrial spreadsheet!

    Big Eyes: Collect all powerups

    Total BOTY secrets to unlock

    Mission, Clone & Time Trial Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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  2. dubz131

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    holy crap tho! sorry if this post isn't exactly for this level, but it's really for ALL levels including this one....i can't for the life of me beat ANY of frogminds times...even on the earlier levels...damn they are fast

    tho, thank you for providing enough clones to save so i could get past 3,500 and now closing in on 4k :)
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  3. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Level review: This first level already starts showing the potential of the new elements from this update, a rolling level that can be both fun on pursuiting a good time and for the first time a rolly level that has a secret for clone saving.
    Delay level: None, flawless gameplay
    Bugs: None found so far
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  4. Vicvic91

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    Great feedback, thanks again !
    This is the Evolution pack : levels you can play in many different ways using the characters you want, the game mode you like :)
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  6. barnadvisor

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    that moment when you get only 1 clone thru the rolly portal :(
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  7. AKAI2002

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    I will say, cyclopse rolly has the best controls that i can literally fly

    So, frontiers and wheeldrop are amazing compared to other levels, in timetrial
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  8. Arus73

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    Can anyone explain what is the effect of pressing the 2nd BOTY as attached?
    Also I couldn't find anywhere the 3rd one...

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  9. AKAI2002

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    That includes one more small powerup
    And yea is there a third boty?
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  10. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Aha, I got a fancy number as score: 1.00.100 :mrgreen:
  11. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Hey I got it
    after the falling of 10+clones and rocks and a gate, to the right
    But still got only 9 in this

    Nevermind, got 14:)
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  12. Vicvic91

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  13. n0phun

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    All 3 botys activated, 28 clones:

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