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    Capture d’écran 2017-06-29 à 11.01.04.png



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    Lol, been playing this and just now realizing there are triggers that change what happens. Great fun! Hmmmm, must play more!
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  3. Marcello_HUN

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    Hi dear admins, game creators and competitors,
    I have some questions regarding that track:
    1: in the beginning you activate the tunnel with touching the light thats clear. you get into the activated tunnel which forms you into the smaller undestructible version of you. sometimes two creature comes out sometimes one. why? what makes the difference?
    2: when you touch the second light you get an extra dowsizer in the very thing tunnel. sometimes (20% of the time) you are able to slip through the wall when you come out from the thin tunnel getting into the other side of the path. I tried to go down on that side but I wasnt successful. Can someone do it or is it a bug?
    3: at the end of the track there is a waterfall kind of thing where sometimes (for me 10%) "ten-cloners" constantly fall and you can gather a lot of clones before you finish the track. I think that it must be something that can be activated but I am not sure where, please let me know.
    (I have a pretty good record here though 0:49.316 but it kills me that I dont know for sure)

    Thanks a lot,
  4. n0phun

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    1.The thingies you touch to activate something are called botys, this level has 3 of them. No. 1 is to the top. I can’t say for sure why sometimes 2 clones come out of the tunnel. But it always seemed to me that it happens when I reached the tunnel quickly, with enough time in it.
    2. This is a glitch (would not call it bug as such things can happen in other levels too). I sometimes tried the other side, wasn’t successful too.
    3. There is a third Boty which you didn’t see. This Online Mode Level is the same as the original Evolution level as far as I see. Got 28 clones there some weeks ago and uploaded, but forget to post or link it in the spreadsheet . Both done now, you see the third Boty about 1:01 to 1:05, to the right.
  5. AKAI2002

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    Well there's a clone powerup in that portal
    But it's like half of it outside and other half inside that portal
    And if we're late, I mean slow, 1 out of 2 clones will be left behind to die, therefore only one coming out of the other end of the portal
  6. Marcello_HUN

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    Thanks a lot for the answers, my life is settled now!:)
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  7. Marcello_HUN

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    Ah, okay, seems very logical:)
    thanks a lot
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    E348247B-EE6F-4A3B-A60F-94612F137FB9.jpeg It was pretty annoying to be ranked third on that track but finally solved it! Here it is..:)
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    4B240332-54D4-40E7-9B1D-8E3671365883.jpeg New record for me today :mrgreen:
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