Frost - Doomsday

Discussion in 'RUSH MODE (Android)' started by Vicvic91, Dec 23, 2016.

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    I think the video you mention is for the iOS Frost version of the Warpzone levels where Vicvic91 got 109 clones isn't it? It looks similar but it is easier with more super clone power-ups than the Android rush mode.
    Maybe Vicvic91 can post a video of rush mode with more than 100 clones?
  3. AKAI2002

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    Yea i agree maybe that's right but when I played like this after watching this vid, it worked for me a bit and I completed the level for the first time with 56(lame)
    Yea @Vicvic91 can clear our doubt...?
  4. Vicvic91

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    New version of this level makes it easiest to finish and save clones. I just save 4 clones on this one !
    @ShiV @Arus73 I'm sure you can beat this score with next update ! :)
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    I just saved 5 clones! I'm sure I can do better than that, but the initial point and the last one with the freeze lasers are not easy at all.
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