Game Center with iOS 9.3.2

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Vicvic91, May 16, 2016.

  1. Vicvic91

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    ping @dubz131 !

    New iOS today, build 9.3.2 : and Game Center is back !!!

    . it's now possible to see the different leaderboards/archivements in BL1 and BL2
    . login to Online mode in BL2 is now available with Game Center

    Enjoy ! :)
  2. Vicvic91

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  4. dubz131

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    are you effing kidding me???? i love game center! screw you apple! you don't know what the app gamers want...a-holes

    edit: i read a lot of comments on this from people and did some more seems apple may be just removing the app completely as a 'default' app and the user would have to access game center through a game that supports it (which is still stupid and a hassle)...i just don't get it, i read all the 'new' features apple is adding with ios 10 and none of them i particularly care many people use game center, i don't know why they wouldn't continue to support it full on and make it better.....not to mention the fact that all your app games have the risk of NOT WORKING with the new ios system (which is honestly scary to me) pay all this money and love certain games, but 'oh no, new ios system may not support it' - so now the developer(s) have to go and decide if it's worth the cost and energy to update their game to be compatible with the new operating just never know (i lost a bunch of telltale games (hector trilogy to name one since it was one of my favorites) with the ios 9 update because they simply didn't want to update the games - really sucks)
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  6. dubz131

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    annnnnndd game center is officially DEAD....screw you, apple...i actually really loved game center and checking my top scores and getting the ONLY way to do this is if the game developers decided to include a way to check achievements from within their game (Thank god badland 1 and 2 both have this option)...but i have other games where i had a ton of achievements that don't have the option to check within's really stupid, imo...i have no idea who apple is getting their feedback from, but i honestly hate the new design of ios 10...i liked how they made the music app look gorgeous and it's an ugly simplistic/generic menu...i could honestly go on about all the things i hate about the new ios, but the main focus here is game center and it's honestly a sad day for ios gaming, imo.

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