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  1. n0phun

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    by Slaye



    Mission & Clone Replays
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  2. dubz131

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    1 try :)

    didn't get all powerups, the only one i'm missing the one at the very end when you come out the last tube?

    edit: never mind, i got it - nice to have an easy level to play for a so many other games i'm trying to play right now
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  3. Vavje

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    Augh !
    Passed through in level world. Then unable to pass through the rotating lazers. Trick ?
  4. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    My 'trick' for the one try was to start from the beginning if I died at the lasers. Do not fully understand that part, sometimes you die, sometimes not. Replays aren't useful, at least not for me. The particles (or whatever it is, cause I see nothing) which can be in you're way seem random to me. Most times I got through on the upper screen part.
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  5. n0phun

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    @Straitorden helped me out understanding how to go through the portal at the end to avoid getting out of it in a mix of clonys and cubys, and losing clones there. I asked on the comments on his 15 clones replay:

    Just tap and hold while going through the portal. So 11 is possible for anyone, more if you go back to checkpoint if you have not enough clones immediately before the portal. Plenty of time to hit pause and checkpoint there.
  6. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

    I didn't notice that square portal. Interesting.

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