GOTY Edition's Timer Quirks

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    It's ironic that the level "Time" was how I discovered some of the inner workings about GOTY Edition's fancy new level timer. I picked the game up to speedrun this year and it's been a blast. The ability to control your flying speed and move in any direction with the d-pad makes for an exhilarating game of precision and control. This led to me to the level Time, where I spent time making strategies about skipping slow motion power-ups and grabbing as many speed up ones as possible. However, the in-game timer was faster for someone else using slow down, so I compared the two.

    Slow motion power-ups actually slow down the timer as well. To what extent it slowed down, we don't know, but it was an interesting find! So if you want the best possible time on a level you want to skip speed ups and grab as many slowdowns as possible. This technically makes it inaccurate as a timer but speedruns of the full game are measured in real time anyways so it doesn't matter too much.:smile: I'm curious as to why this decision was made, especially for a game with leaderboards.
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