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  2. Vicvic91

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    In this level, seems that there is a perfect lucky and tricky way to save more clones than 61.
    But I can't have it ! Ahah :)

    Step by step :
    • avoid only 2 big powerup in the level
    • you have to play with an iPad (the vertical screen-ratio let's you get more time than wih an iPhone to survive in the speed tunnel)
    • if you can go 2x smaller, it's possible to avoid 1 other big powerups in the small way after the speed tunnel
    • in the next section, it's possible to group 2/3 Rollers Clony and with luck you can pass the poisoned ball with this 2/3 little Clonys
    • now with a lot of luck, if you can avoid the 3 final big powerups at the end part, and keep all the clones alive, seems possible to save 62/63 clones !

    @<|-|!<0 @Straitorden : I let you try this ! lol (I can't avoid those 3 final big powerups in 1 try with all the others step :/)
  3. Hj326

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    @Straitorden is this worth pursuing further for speed running?
  4. Straitorden

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    Very cool finding, Hj326!
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  5. Vicvic91

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    @FBI Light Rock !
    It was an insane run to beat you there ! But I guess I get a lot of luck :)
  6. FBI Light Rock

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    Luck?? Man, I hate you. :mrgreen: Honestly though, how do you get good timings for Jungle pack levels? Levels like GENESIS, CLONED & VENOM seem impossible to even beat. Any help videos at the least? :) Even some of the Frozen levels like ICE AGE, FREEZY & EDGE seems way too hard.
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  7. ronaldneole

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    10 for writing a book and I can follow the dialogue.
    You are multi-talented sir.

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