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  2. 18111398

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    A question that might be weird...
    What does "gummybo" mean?
  3. FBI Light Rock

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    I don't really know! I searched up the internet as well, nothing except useful except this BADLAND 2 level pops up.

    If you are asking me, I would personally think that it's just because this level involves being bouncy (and sticky). Maybe gummy bears were squishy and bouncy? :mrgreen:
  4. 18111398

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    Good guess! In fact I only wanna figure out what does "bo" stands for. I guessed that it may be "limbo" but there are still many more words end with "bo".
    (Well, I thought that how "gummybo" is translated in other languages may help me understanding it.
    Besides English, I can read Chinese and a little German. Unfortunately "bo" is not translated (or spells the same as in English)in German, and is even removed in Chinese.
    Hope those who can read more languages could help.)
    Sorry but I felt dizzy typing this so hope u can understand what I'm saying
  5. Azadi

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    Anyone got any hints to saving more then 20 Clones???

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