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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by axelbtc, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. axelbtc

    axelbtc New Member

    hi everyone, i would like to introduce myself since i joined the bl community lately!

    i'm from france (born in 94) and my english isnt very accurate, so please forgive me for my bad grammar and stuff...
    somehow i fell almost in love with this game's vibes, and the level editor part really got me addicted to it lol, that's why i'm here now! and thanks to vavje for his levels which took me awake for hours and finnaly brought me to this adress ;)

    by the way i have a simple question for those who know the app very well; how is it possible to customize your avatar (profil picture*) in game? i'm playing on ipad and i can't figure out how to manage my profile

    +i've already posted some of my own levels such as "HOSTILE" and "HOSTILE 2" and i'm trying to improve my other ones and i'm preparing a new one atm (juste saying in case you have opinions to give or any advice :))

    thanks for your attention!

  2. AKAI2002

    AKAI2002 Clone Master

    Hi welcome:)
    I think it is the same pic as your profile pic on Facebook, if you're logged in to Facebook in the game
    Cause it changes everytime I change on Facebook
    BTW @Vicvic91 is there any other way?
    I don't know, I got all the doubts the new members have o_O
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  3. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Welcome mon ami français ! :)
    You just need to login with your Facebook account ingame to get your Profile Picture uploaded.
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  4. axelbtc

    axelbtc New Member

    thank you both for your messages! it worked just fine :relieved:

    and ty for welcoming me, i'm happy to be here : )
    et merci vicvic aha ça fait plaisir :p
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  5. Rexerus

    Rexerus Elite Member

    Hi axel! Welcome! I love Beyond! Very worthy of its spot in ED. Also nice use of my Guardians.:mrgreen:
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  6. 4522405DASH

    4522405DASH Hypercloner

    Welcome! :) I literally just discovered your level ACCURATE, It was pretty cool! :)
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