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    by @FBI Light Rock



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  2. dubz131

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    this is effing hard

    edit: survive with 20 tries is more like it ala metalparke
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  3. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I'm the creator of this level, and I designed it to be slightly on the hard side, but not too hard. It is definitely not as hard as The Metalparke. Based on the difficulty rating in the Level World, the difficulty is reasonable with 3.5.

    Once you sail past the Hexa Clock, all in one try, the rest of the level is much easier. You'll need a bit of practice for that.

    There are TONS of secrets to help you get those missions, but the way I designed it, secrets are completely unnecessary to achieve the missions.
  4. Good_Smile

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    I agree with @dubz131, you are the creator, that's why you have different ratings. You know every conrer, every secret, every puzzle etc, but we don't. And it may take a while for us to figure out how everything works. I suffered a lot to pass this level, the "speed" part is more luck based than skill based, since the lasers activate very randomly. Secrets which help us to get all missions are good, but is there any chance that we will find them? I'm a Steam player, so I have no opportunity to check it in the editor. I'm sure that this level is possible to 1-try, but I doubt that I will ever do it. (meanwhile the metalparke is literally impossible)

    I liked the design, but I feel that this level lags a lot on low-end devices.
  5. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Part of the game is exploring, which is good that you guys say you do a bit of exploring. Which means that I did succeed in making a level of good replayability.

    The lasers react dynamically to your speed; a different speed gives you a different experience. I spent a LOT of time calibrating the laser intervals for 3 different speeds (0, +1 & +2). It's definitely not perfect.

    I tried to hide secrets in the editor, but don't worry, I will be publishing a video to showcase every single one. Other players like Bufmeister have also published videos showcasing some secrets. In the coming days, players who do walkthroughs like @4slann will also be covering more.

    Unfortunately, that is true. I tried to optimize the level based on @Pizzaandy's advice, and uploaded it, but I failed to gather feedback whether the optimization worked.

    I agree with the both of you, which is why I tried to engage the community here on many occasions, always posting any updates to Hexangonal in this thread. I did on some occasions tease new stuff as well. However, not many responded. Any feedback I received though, I acted on it. I either explain my choice of decisions, or make changes based on the recommendations. Of course not everyone has the liberty of time to comment on EVERY SINGLE part, so there were parts where I had to trust my own instincts.

    The general wide feedback through the ratings, tell me that I'm doing well. The difficulty rating on the Level World is 3.5, after so many plays. My target was exactly that so I felt I succeeded. Don't worry, like the harder official levels, the level will become easier and easier for you as you play more. Don't you think it's a waste if you could pass the level with flying colors in your first try? You won't feel like playing it again.

    If there are other means in which I can engage the community and gather feedback, feel free to tell me. I always believe a dev should be actively engaged with their consumers.
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  6. Vicvic91

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    Hey @dubz131 @Good_Smile !
    There are not really "secrets", because @FBI Light Rock already revealed them in each of his update in the "Promote your level here" tread :)

    Hopefully, there is 2 essential "secrets" that can helps you :
    . At the very begining, just after the hexagon, try to go on the header of the level : there is a way to go directly at the speedrun part (like in #Sticky level) :)
    . In the speedrun, there is 3 speed-powerups : you can just take 1 if you go on the moving hexagon

    Missions looks hard, but there is an easy way to pass each parts of this level.
    And finally, you will see that it's possible to get 60 clones without using any secret, and more than 140+ clones if you find them all :)
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  7. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Here's a good guide made by me on how to get the 3 missions for Hexangonal! No secrets used at all! Ok, I admit I had to take the first one to make things easier for me as my iPad doesn't cooperate with me all the time with normal time speed.

    While it's a little bit different from the Eternal Day version, the gameplay still stays the same. The current Eternal Day version is bugged as replays don't play back the same as the original playthrough, which is why you don't see any replays for Hexangonal Eternal Day so far. This will be fixed soon.
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  8. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    you're right, i may have jumped the gun a little early....after playing a couple times i got the hang of the level and have completed all missions and beat in 1 try (it's still hard in some parts - and there's some glitches when you skip fast powerups and are going real real slow: the bomb doesn't blow up the wall thingy)....but i found your 'teleporter' in the beginning which takes you pretty much to the end (which would help anyone going for the beat in 5 tries mission - though, it does kill you). but it's a good level and homage to frogminds great level creator and all the people have made great levels (which you thank at the end - very cool).

    i have some quetions though, does it do anything when i go certain waysin the level? like at the beginning i figured out how to get the small powerup by having two clones, but some parts i wonder if one clone takes the up path and the other takes the down path, does that do anything?....what does the button do at the laser part when i hit it? i assume it helps me in some way but i don't know for sure obviously....and lastly, for now, is there a way to get 123 clones or something? at the very end it says '0.4 with 123' written over it..i wonder if this is a hidden thing....like i tried differnet things to see if it does anything, like i filled up the 'clock' thing at the end completely with all small clones but it didn't do anything. so i dunno...

    my clone limit is also 60 so i just BARELY got your final achievement, so i would definitely love to know if there are any secrets to getting more...as it was pretty hard to get that many (i find being really small, going super slow-mo, and being a box clone is the best way to do it - as this is how i did it)...but even then, i just barely got 60...so there has to be a way to get more...if you don't want to tell me i understand, but i have played your level a lot and searched and searched...maybe you could send me a message to my inbox for some hints?

    last thoughts, it is fun little level that uses a lot of cool puzzles in it...i think you did a really well job where the level gets even better as you play it more and more, which imo is the best kind of levels....good job!
  9. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    very cool, i found the 'teleporter' thingy on my own which made me happy...but i have another secret for you guys, you can skip ALL 3 speed power ups if you want by sliding down the moving triangles and now you are in super slo mo which makes the rest of the level a breaze (and helps in getting more clones - this is how i got 60), as long as the bomb thing works properly, though, sometimes it doesn't if you are going super slow-mo.

    and for your last comment...say whhhhaaaat??? PLEASE tell me how to get 140 plus clones...please please....i'll be happy if i can get even close to 100...cause i feel i explored and tried everything possible to get as many clones as i could and 60 has been the highest so far
  10. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    WHOA! what does the clone going at the bottom do?
  11. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Thank you! :) I'm happy you discovered the ingenuity of Hexangonal. It is also surprisingly deep, the sheer number of secrets & easter eggs make for different kinds of play. I will be publishing different play styles over the next few days.

    The bugs are unfortunate, and the mine and the wall bug is one that I was unable to replicate consistently enough (it's very rare for me) to understand what's wrong with it.

    The teleporter was actually included as a shortcut for me; you can imagine the pain to update this level from time to time, having to go through 82m (making this the longest Eternal Day level to date). :mrgreen: The fact that it kills you is completely intentional - this is to make One Try a pretty difficult feat. The credits is something I paid careful attention to, I wanted to make sure that I made the contributors feel proud to be part of this level. :)

    For that specific example, it doesn't matter. The bottom spikes are deadly (as you have realized in the first playthrough) so controlling 2 clones in different sections is too tough for that. And yes, there are some parts which it does matter, for the purpose of unlocking secrets. :mrgreen:

    The 123 represents the level editor functionality of variables, an element of contribution mentioned in Frogmind's credits. In the area of the Frogmind's accreditation the design around the lighting screen consists of almost every important element of BADLAND, while the below portion represents the level editor. Notice how the 123 is connected to the gear, which represents a special event in BADLAND. The 0.4 thus connects to the Adjust Time Factor event, so the time factor at the credits zone is 0.4. The clock thing you speak of represents the Time Delay event in the level editor. So far there are no secrets hidden there, but hmmm...a little tempted to add one in when the Eternal Day version is updated to resolve the bugs. :mrgreen:

    There are a LOT of secrets hidden throughout the level, so I will be making a video showcasing them all. Once you do start taking the secrets, you unlock a whole new dimension! You will find it more fun, I guarentee. Here's a hint though: Investigate every particle. Many of them hint a secret. And yes, there's a reason for some things you might think is unnecessary, like why is there that split path?

    Lol, little is an understatement, this level is super huge! Too huge in fact. Never knew that implementing ALL of my ideas will make a level this long...

    Your method will generally lose a lot of clones you saved earlier, unless you don't have much to bring anyway. But it helps in the whole speedrun! Be careful in the chasing lasers section though. Also, if you restart at the start of the speedrun, it helps in getting the 5 try and 30 clones achievement (60 clones is too hard from there).

    You will probably get that amount of clones if you practice a lot on this level like me (which I had to, because I had to play test many times). Get every secret, and know the timing and strategy to it (especially the chasing lasers part), and partially luck (for the split paths). You'll notice that luck plays less of a factor once the speed is slow enough.
  12. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Another way to play Hexangonal: An easier way to get that One Try through the awesome FFVII Easter Egg! :mrgreen:

    Also, I just received news that Hexangonal has been updated in Eternal Day to fix those nasty bugs that screwed up replays. The mine and mechanical mice bugs should be gone as well.
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  13. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    cool playthrough and thanks!....and i knew it - if you go both up and down in that one part it stops the the blade from coming down (which can kill a lot of clones) and the 2 big blades from spinning and going up and down. i was using that method but wasn't sure what it was really doing so i stopped and just kept going up, but now i will make sure to go up and down as it will make the level easier to save more clones.
  14. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Here's yet another way to play Hexangonal! :) Tired of the slow build-up of speed throughout the Adventure part and slow speedrun? Jump straight into the thick of the action!

    Hexangonal's speedrun is like Premonition, choose the speed that you like! The slower the speed you pick, the harder is it to pull away from the 2 large crushing hexagons. Succeed though, and you'll be much better off.
  15. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    for your next video, can you do a 'how to get more than 60 clones'? :)

    i can collect all the secret slow stuff, small stuff, and even skip over the fast powerups, but i still can't seem to beat my 60 clone score lol...i'm stuck right on 60 (hey, rather have the mission completed than nothing)...but i'm thinking maybe i have a shot at 3 kilos of clones now

    i'm at 2,565....if i keep playing old levels and new eternal day levels keep coming out, i think i have a shot and i'll finally have all achievements!...well, except for a couple stupid co-op clone achievments which are impossible by yourself imo

    edit: shout out to vivic for his tips and help on getting to and over 2,500 by the way...i was stuck at around 2,400 and vivic helped and encouraged me to keep trying old levels, and a week later, bam, highlander...so thanks for that - i don't think i ever told ya
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  16. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    My next and last video will showcase ALL my dirty little secrets in this level of mine, and hopefully I can get a good clone record, like above 130 clones. :)

    Meanwhile, @4slann has surprisingly managed to record and playback a complete replay of the bugged version! Interesting!
  17. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Can you get me a screenshot of the bug? I suspect I know the problem but I want to be absolutely sure.
  18. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    i tried uploading pictures before to vivic but had issues (don't know what the deal is)....but don't worry about it; i got all the missions, i just wanted to get more clones - it's no big deal and doesn't ruin the level
  19. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Finally, here's the video everyone is waiting for: An insane clone-saving video showing all my dirty little secrets in this level! :mrgreen:

    I screwed up quite a bit, especially in MisterM's Chasing Laser Zone, the portal roulette & the mechanical forest. There were also a couple of small screw-ups in other sections, but there were some sections which I think I did better than expected, like the crushing hexagons & all the split paths.
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  20. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    you looked like you did awesome to me (i didn't see any screw ups); i wish i could play that smoothly...but thanks for showing the secrets i didn't know about and confirming the ones i wasn't sure about...hopefully i can get 100 or over now

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