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    Tips for clone saving in Hexangonal (which the video above may not be able to tell you):

    - The Hexangonal shape is quite irregular, be careful at some parts as pushing against this shape may cause clones to get stuck!
    - Just after the Big Hexa Clock, try to keep your clones together, rather than having lone clones outside the fleet (like the video)
    - Be quick to get the clone powerup in the same area; if not the falling spinning cubes will throw your clones behind
    - At the factory blocks after the Flap of Faith, use your clone fleet to block the black ooze fountain so that you don't get loose clones that may have trouble getting past the ooze stream
    - At the crushing hexagons, concentrate on the main fleet! Do not care about the loose clones as this will cause clones from the main fleet to break away. Only when there are no crushing hexagons nearby, then care about those loose clones.
    - Use the triangles that move vertically (not those that move diagonally) to readjust and compact your clone fleet. It is generally safer to only touch them when the hexagon is at its expanded state. Try not to let your clones hit the inner edges of the triangles (which will touch other triangles) as this will stall your clones at that spot and eventually make them get crushed.
    - The blowers at the end of the crushing hexagons can help you to shape your clone fleet into a thinner horizontal line. Don't rush into it though; this will send clones flying far and wide!
    - Keep your clone fleet tight at the first split path; this will not only stop clones from getting squished by the gears, but also minimize the fleet breakup when the mine's cushions come flying at your fleet at such great speed.
    - Be careful not to trigger the laser guarding the button that will help you later on - doing so will cause the dislodging triangle to be destroyed after reducing the force on it (through that secret just before the crushing hexagons), which will no longer press that button!
    - Try not to pull your clones up too fast below the portals in the chasing lasers section; this may cause clones to be trapped under the thin stick!
    - At the portal roulette, keep to enter the blue portal in a short but fat fleet so as to maximise the number of clones through the portal
    - Where the mechanical mice are on the rails, use the wall sticking out of them to lean your clone fleet against where possible; it's easier to take off after that with a thinner near vertical line.
    - There may be a higher risk of the propellers getting stuck if your clones are Cubys, so you may want to consider using Clony instead
    - At the second split path, if you are taking the middle path, contact the first door with your clone fleet above the block. Going below it may cause your clones to get stuck underneath the block and prevent the door from opening fully.
    - At the mechanical forest, try not to lean too hard on the wobbling caterpillars; this can cause the clones to die as shown in the video
    - Between the 2 saws just before the evil guy, shape your clone fleet into a thinner diagonal line to reduce casualties, if not you'll end up like me in the video...
    - At the final 4 saws, it's important to shape your clone fleet into a thin horizontal line; just look at how close the fleet is to contacting the saws! You have not much choice but to use the moving hexagons to do that. Also, just look at the upper saws to adjust the height of your clone fleet, checking both saws is very hard (at least for me :mrgreen:).
    - At the space station, it's important to check whether their cannons will fire because you may not remember whether you have deactivated them earlier. Skim the surface of the first spaceship's glittering path to do so.

    And lastly, have fun unlocking those secrets! :)
  2. FBI Light Rock

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    It's possible to not lose any clones in MisterM's Chasing Laser Zone; you just have to know the timing to take off and roughly know when to let your clone fleet rest. :)

    I lost quite a number of clones stupidly :mad:, like in the final 2 falling saws, the last part of MisterM's Chasing Laser Zone (I accidentally broke up the fleet), the part before the second split path & the saws just before the evil guy in the mechanical forest. My record was 144 clones! 8 clones less is quite a bit of clones...:(

    Of course since I developed this level, I had a LOT more experience than anyone else, so I get the advantage of knowing the timing and approach to certain parts better. But with this video and a bit of time, some avid clone savers like <|-|!<0 and Straitorden will catch up to me pretty soon. I'm sure of it. :)
  3. Vicvic91

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    LOL !
    I just retry after your let's play, thinking "I know all the secrets now, will be easy" !
    Everything was good, I was saving a lot of clones...
    But that was before I passed the spaceship part thinking "I've desactivated them"...

    When you see the bullet going on your clones group, slowly, and you know that you can't do anything, just watch the bullet destroy all the last 30min perfect work....
    It's HORRIBLE !

    Grrrr !!!!
    I hate you @FBI Light Rock ! :)
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  4. dubz131

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    lol you're not alone if that helps? :) so much time to take to get everything in place for the end, so fast to lose all your clones like THAT with a quick blade
  5. FBI Light Rock

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    Actually, if you lie your clone fleet on the floor, you'll minimize the casualties. But still remember to check for those cannons! I tried to check for that in the video above, but I think it didn't really work out...
  6. Straitorden

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    FBI Light Rock, thanks a lot for a very thoughtful and interesting level, and for your detailed explanation, but there still some secrets to reveal (can’t find by myself, sorry).

    First of all, how is it possible not to activate the falling triangles-saws at 04:02?
    How is it possible to freeze saws at 04:14?
    And how to stop rotating thingy at 9:00?

    Tried to do it by myself, but can't find the explanation – very well hidden)
  7. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Very good job at all, FBI Light Rock
  8. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Ok, this one is a little hard to see in the video. Basically, when you get to the small laser star zone (just after my highlight Hexangonal mechanism where the 6 triangles would alternate between flipped inside out hexagon and the normal hexagon shape), you could faintly make out 2 square blocks that have shining particles coming out of them. Hit them both and you're golden. :mrgreen:
    At the highlight Hexangonal mechanism, touch the false button at the top left hand corner of the mechanism. You can see my video at 01:41 for the easiest way to do that.
    At 05:50, at the factory blocks just before the crushing hexagons, there are 2 triangles that appear to be mining some rocks. :mrgreen: Touch the rocks at both mining compartments to disable the roulette.
    Thank you for the compliment! It's good to know that I made a great level with all that effort over the past 3 months plus. :)
  9. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply, FBI Light Rock)
  10. Straitorden

    Straitorden Well-Known Member

    Unbelievable amount of secrets!

    So, some other questions:
    What does the button at 08:25 do?
    How to open the central passage at 09:56?
    And how is it possible to stop the falling spheres at 11:55?

    Tx in advance
  11. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    This button disables the spaceships' cannonballs at 11:55. It also slightly increases the gap between the final 4 saws in the mechanical forest (the last 4 caterpillars).
    There's no way to choose which passage to take at 09:56. The game will randomly decide which of the 3 passages you have to take, indicated by the arrow director/egg light. The middle passage is personally, the hardest though. :mrgreen:

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