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    Mission & Clone Replays
    Upload your videos to YouTube or Everyplay and post your videos here! Post your awesome clone scores here!
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  2. dubz131

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    whoaa, how do we get past the first part? there's gotta be a hidden space/button of some sort, right? if you try to go through you die automatically with the falling beams

    edit: nevermind - i see you just can't touch anything

    edit 2: good level, but waaayyyy too hard in some parts and really long (still haven't beaten it), as i'm stuck at the spinning clone part and that 'monster' pops out of the ground...it's cool and all but i get past that hard part and then past another hard part only to die at the next hard part...there should be a checkpoint buffer after you get past that damn 'tree monster'

    and since i haven't beaten it yet, here's hoping there's no 'beat in x number of tries' missions cause this thing asked me to skipspots 3 times (i didn't, but it asked because i died so much)

    edit 3: finally beat....haha, survive 10 tries my ass!...and that's cheap! i had 2 clones saved at the end when that big eye thing comes up and it makes you think the mission is over; but then all the beams fall down and squished my clones! not cool, man..major fake-out.
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    Sorry about the frustration. Sometimes, I might have been just thinking too hard on how to make my lvl more difficult and challenging for other players. But seriously, I thought that this would've went straight to the "Casual" section like most of my other lvls. I guess that's not what happened... :(
  4. dubz131

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    hey man, it's a very good level don't get me wrong - sorry, you know me; i'm always pessimistic on my first playthrough when playing new levels - but just because it's hard doesn't mean it's poorly made...its actually really well made..no bugs, glitches or anything 'impossible' to beat....it's just got an extra hard learnig curve and i can't fault a level for being hard...there's some cool ideas in it with a selection of different puzzles (i gotta say that ball one is cool, but it is mega hard for me)

    and it's got a true creepy-horror vibe to it which i love (probably why you called it horror :wink: )

    good job on the level! and if that's what you call a 'casual' level, then damn you are good at making levels...i honestly can't even attempt it because it's so overwhelming for me...props to anyone who can make a level - extra props to anyone who can create a really really good level like you obviously can
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  5. Vicvic91

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    Just for you to know : I tweaked the level to be easiest. You should be able to complete it easily :)
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  6. dubz131

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    ok fair enough, i got the 20 tries mission and am working on the 10 tries mission...but i'm furious right now...i have 4 clones saved to get the 2 clones mission and the final door that opens frigging TRAPPED my clone and now NONE of my clones can get through, thus i lose the mission...this is seriously cheap...that needs to be fixed...uploading to everyplay - oh wait, i can't because i can't finish the level to record it because my clone is stuck! took a picture though and am sending via email(ive been trying for this clone for some time now; and it woulnd't be so bad except for some reason theres NO checkpoint after the tree monster part which i said before is rediculous...this is reversal reward...i did everything right and i get fucked in the end

  7. Baksbrown

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    In topic is absent a screenshot. I made it in steam-version game :)

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    Actually there is.... one I remember, where the replicants come out at you, there's one there, but not much else.

    The reason I couldn't get a checkpoint in between is it's very hard to station a checkpoint with powerups everywhere. And it's the bossfight, right? It's supposed to be hard! :mrgreen:

    But the last part... I don't know how to fix that. I have encountered some close calls where the door almost trapped the clone, but not completely, I didn't pay close attention to that during the fine-tuning stage.

    Lol, this lvl is frustrating so many people it should be called the new BUTTON RUSH. :P
  9. n0phun

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    I've played the level now for five days on level world, not very often cause was still enhancing on Crossover and fighting the mines in Magnetic. I never got stuck in the end, would like to get the pic by PM too. And you could have uploaded to Everyplay, just hit pause and checkpoint and then play to the end from there. I know that's frustrating but did that in other levels quite often. And in this one I recorded 4 plays just to see how long it took, without uploading.

    Yeah, I think it's possible to get stuck somehow, but it's avoidable. There's enough room not to try to get the clones in at once, but one after the other, coming (my preference) from the top. Okay, maybe your pic will prove me wrong.

    I've only seen one possible glitch in this level today, but I'm not sure, had no time to upload a trimmed replay before work. It's before the speed part, one superclone was falling down before I was even near, this could stop a future one try attempt. Will upload when it happens again.

    Great level, I really like it! Hope to find a way to get more clones, coming to the end smaller (and slower).
  10. n0phun

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    It would be here twice if I just copied it to the initial post. So either I copy it and you or I delete it out of your post, or I'll use another one. How shall we do it? I also prepared pics for other levels, will insert them tomorrow, bit tired now. Still need to do all misssions here to get that picture, too.
  11. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    It's possible to save 6+ clones in this level ;)

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    What? Did you like tweak it so that it is possible? In the editing stage, I envisioned that 4 clones or more would not pass the last part where you try to turn the laser off, as it requires some very precise movements that cannot be achieved by a large amount of clones. Can you give me a replay?
  13. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    No tweaks necessary. Just was in there with five, full size, and it would have been possible to get them through, I think. Yes, 4 clones is normally the max (again, full size) without activating the laser again, but if you are very cautious... I weren't.

    But I'm not interested in this approach, as it is possible to come in many sizes smaller, and even rolling backwards or forwards. If you're rolling backwards, you can do that to deactivate the laser and then very cautiously gather them at the foot of the laser. Of course they have to be smaller, and there is this little problem not to get sawed too many in this last bastard saw. But I hope it's 10+.

    Without rolling, but being very small, you just have to get lucky with deactivating when you finally drop them.

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    Yeah, I didn't think about fitting in smaller. You could probably do more than 3 if you are just one powerup down and you can squeeze through the tiny holes without activating the lazer.
  15. n0phun

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    Up to 4 now, had 6-7 clones there but had to go up once more to deactivate the laser. One size smaller than normal. No replay, sorry, but that's your fault. ;-) The end screen comes up here early, when not all clones have flown in the portal, I was still tapping and hit a button. Already changed my tap position not to hit "Next level" but messed up. Will have to be more cautious in the future.
  16. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Found a place to get stuck now, but that wasn't the one you meant, @dubz131?
  17. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    sorry, man....yea, their were a lot of ways to get screwed over in this level it seemed (i liked playing it, just not getting the missions)...so i'm so happy i got them all and can just play it for fun now

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