How to make "Planets" in Edition Mode ?

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    Hi guys,
    You probably know the level in Badland 2, in the part "Infinity" this strange level called : "Planets"
    At the beginning we are in ball mode with our clone and we should turn around "planets" with the artificial gravity to be ejected to an other one.

    I'm making tests in the Level Editor in Badland 1 to make the same system but it's not very easy because :
    1) The problem is the calculation angle between the gravity arrow and the opposition with the clone in the attraction field by the ball (with the attraction special tool). How to making sure the arrow is perfectly at the opposite of the clone during the rotation around ?
    2) I though an angle variable with a sin function could resolve the problem, but it isn't. Can i put the planet in "physics" mode with the rotation generated by the clone, or could i put a "rotation tool" without physics by changing the function to enable the clone rotation about the sphere ?
    3) I used a "rollerclone" : he rolls with a rotation force system, but he's not submitted by the artificial gravity. But i prefer keep the gravity arrow to help the player when the clone move around the sphere.

    If you have any solutions, please tell me small hints.
    Big thanks. :)
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  2. Vavje

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    I take up this challenge. Keep in touch.
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    Hi guys,
    I've made a small test with different variables, and I have a problem :

    The gravity arrow follows a sinusoidal movement and i have problems with the calculation of the angle.
    I guess it's missing an important variable at the equation, I'm searching in my corner for the moment.
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  4. Vavje

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    Private vid. Can't watch it :(
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    Sorry guy, retry with the new link
  6. Pierre Miguel Gayo

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    When I saw the badland 2 level, I immidietly recreated it, failed too

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