Hyperboloid - how to pass it ?

Discussion in 'FROGMIND'S CHOICE & CONTESTS' started by Vicvic91, May 18, 2016.

  1. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    It's just INSANE ! :)
  2. КРЫСС

    КРЫСС Active Member

    I wanted to after I pass this it will get in the top evaluated, and then become popular. After that, I'll turn it into another-passable and beautiful level.
  3. КРЫСС

    КРЫСС Active Member

    Я бы больше хотел, чтобы в Frogminds choice оказался уровень Bouncy, чем HYPERBOLOID.
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  4. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    just to keep a high rate. I've said this before
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    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    True, it's like the same for the old Frogmind's choice level YUNI's CURSE, things just go hit nothing for no reason, can someone tell me how to pass GO TO HELL #BL2???
  6. КРЫСС

    КРЫСС Active Member

    This russian creator always do hard levels.
  7. Baksbrown

    Baksbrown Hypercloner Beta tester

    Actually, this is not true
  8. HenrySok

    HenrySok New Member

    can anyone tell me how 2 pass a random drug test using house held items

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