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  1. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

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    Time Trial


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    Total BOTY secrets to unlock

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  2. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    In this level at the multiple flame throwers i have the same problem i had with age mover, my small clones are just not fast enough to get through, i got it once but is just way too hard. The clone simply doesn't have the speed.

    Anyone else had trouble? i think my device is just outdated for this game. Lots of lags too sometimes in some levels.
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  3. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    That's weird, I got through it just fine.
  4. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    i was able to beat in one try...but i see what you are saying, i had to get a GOOD jump on flying forward to beat the flamethrowers
  5. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    This level is really very fun. Lots of potential to save even more clones than i did currently (106 clones). Lots of "bad" powerups can be dodged and there are secrets here and there that make this level very replayable.

    I haven't got the mines mission though. I'm not sure whether i'm getting all of them. Looks like it's up to @4slann again to help me out on this. :(

    Definitely my favourite level in the WARPZONE level pack. :) (Second is Frost)
  6. 4slann

    4slann Member

    Here is the walkthrough for this level
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  7. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Awesome Light Rock, you have to nail to get 100+ definitely one of my favorite levels as well, by the way that part i mentioned above is just fine, i was doing it wrong...
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  8. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    4 slann, you the man! thanks soooo much for the vid...after watching it i got the mines achievement and clone achievment (55)..and i'm thinking i can do much better on the clones, as i had 80ish and i accidentally screwed up at the very end which killed a lot

    but your video showed me i did miss 1 mine (sorry, my mistake - not the game); it was the mine after the rolling boulder you have to push then speed past the closing panel (very easy to miss and that's why i never caught it on my video replays; your attention is all on the boulder and getting past the closing panel)
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  9. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    There is few more secrets on this level. Did you found them all ? :)
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  10. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    no :(

    edit: but maybe it's the reason why i can't seem to save more than 55 clones no matter what i do (powerups wise)...i make sure i'm as small as can be with the screen moving at a perfect pace...the balls and saws chop down all those clones i was trying to save
  11. klyntone

    klyntone New Member

    even after watching that walk through i cant see th mine/s that im missing.

    is Vicvic91 talking about th secret single clone at th start? and something else maybe?
  12. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    so, is there a secret associated with the button? what does it do?....what do those things that 'slide in' in do?

    and also, how do you make the flamethrowers go slower? sometimes when i'm as small as can be i can make it through no problem, but others the flames shoot out faster and i die (and i don't change anything i do different - that i know of?)...and obviously you need to be the smallest (and miss the speedup powerup) to save the most clones - which is how i got 91...but i'dl iike to know what everything does exactly so i can plan out the level before hand

    as of now, i sometimes press the button, sometimes get all the 'stick things' to slide down/or try to miss as many as possible to see if it gives me any kind of advantage
  13. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    ping @Arus73

    Now the "Explode all mine" mission is working good on Android.
    Update will be live tomorrow with the patch. :)
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  14. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

    What the hell is that ?
    Why flame throwers don’t stop and always active now ? It is really frustrating to loose many clones at this checkpoint. I imagine boty on the left must be touched to stop them. What is the way to do that ?
    Thanks a lot B3ADF781-19A5-49A7-9CD4-BC4C80C222D1.jpeg
  15. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    A little late there Vavje but if i remember correctly you have to touch all the bots since the beggining
  16. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

    Thanks a lot.
    Yes. Vavje is always late. Low skill I am ;)
    About the bots, there are only two. One at the very begenning, and that other one before these flamethrowers (see the pic). I can’t touch this last bot because the rocks. How to destroy these rocks ?
  17. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Get hit by the exploding stickies and move the clone to the stones before it explodes, the explosion destroys the rocks. Then touch the boty.
  18. Vavje

    Vavje Clone Master Beta tester

    Hard way.
    Many thanks n0phun.
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