[iOS] BADLAND 2 Thoughts?

Discussion in 'SUPPORT & SUGGESTIONS' started by FBI Light Rock, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Hmm, then what might the rabbit transform into for the next level after the whiteout? Will it become some kind of angel?

    I didn't observe the background very much, but is there some kind of progression in the nature/machine ratio? Is the background also becoming more colorful/dull with each level?
  2. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    Actually, the nature/machine ratio stays mostly the same until you move to the next time period.
    I played Infinity again, and I realize that those green-eyed robots are present throughout. Robots still want to kill you! (yay?)
    I think the rabbit will stay the same until Frogmind decides to pull a night 1 (the rabbits get killed).
  3. Hj326

    Hj326 Hypercloner

    I personally like the idea that the story in BADLAND 2 is the reverse of the story of BADLAND, although I agree that it doesn't really seem designed that way. It certainly doesn't seem to be the same as BADLAND, either, though. Maybe there isn't a story at all (yet?) Even without the story though, it still seems like the artwork is a lot better.
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  4. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    The problem with Badland 2 is that while it is great for people who have completed Badland 1, newcomers find it difficult to figure out the controls on their own (spending at least 7 minutes on the beginning portion). Badland 2 kind of just throws you into the thick of it, while Badland 1 slowly shows you the ropes so you are ready for the upcoming challenges. I understand that people get bored with excessive exposition, but with it anyone could pick up the game. While watching a complete newcomer to Badland playing Badland 2, I saw that he didn't realize that the big triangles were indicative of the controls (neither did I). After I had to explain the controls, it was still quite difficult to pick up. Right after the player succeeded in controlling clony, the game got extremely difficult. I now realize that Badland 2 isn't worse than Badland 1, it's just a lot more hardcore. I like to think of it like a kind of flappy bird, where you can brag about the missions you've accomplished.

    tl;dr, Badland 2 is less accessible.
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  5. dubz131

    dubz131 Bot Lover

    i definitely feel it's almost a completely different game than the first one, so it did warrant a sequel for that argument...

    however, my main beef with badland 2 is the controls....obviously, the first one was legendary hard (but i love/hate it and did very well in the game and currently sit at a 99.3% completion), so the difficulty is a given; the problem is that this time around, the controls are WAYYYYYY WAYYYYY too sensitive...i barely tap the screen and the clone goes flying around...this makes things so much harder as you are literally racing against the screen (and some clones in certain levels - don't like this mission idea - i HATE timed missions in ANY game; why did you have to put so many in? since when is this a racing game any way?) and it seems you die way too much and too easily....as i said, i consider myself a pretty good player and i just started badland 2 and all, but i believe the controls should be pretty much the same as the first badland (they were perfect - why change them?)...the flying left/right/up/down is a cool addition, but it doesn't feel polished...it's like the controls need to be 'tightened' up so when i tap the screen my clone does what i actually want him to do...it feels like i'm winning missions, levels, and challenges throughout the levels based on luck and it just happening on it's own without me using skill to beat it....and that's another problem you could add to the list...it's challenging, but i don't feel like i'm in full control of my clone to do what I want in the level...my satisfaction for completing something is mimimal as sometimes i didn't even mean to do something and i say 'oh look, i got all the clones i needed...that was easy' - that's not how i want my game to be.

    frogmind, can you please look into this and update on your next one? i love the original so much for it's intuitive controls and realistic physics...badland 2 feels like i'm 'floating' most of the time...like i'm constantly in the level 'orbiting' from badland 1. it just feels...wrong

    that's my 2 cents and i really hope frogmind decides to change and update the control scheme, because i really think it's holding the game back from greatness (like the original - which yes, i find much more fun and better packaged thus far)....badland 2 has flashy/gorgeous graphics and a cool new rolly guy with some cool level designs...now only if we could control our character within those levels would it be really amazing.
  6. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    Also they just lowered the price... :(
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  7. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    You can now do it in Badland1 :)

    Ping @Pizzaandy
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  8. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    image.jpeg Something is coming... soon :)
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  9. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

  10. MisterM

    MisterM Elite Member

  11. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    Just curious if anyone knows:
    • Is Badland 2 also made in Cocos2d?
    • How will clone camera death be handled with different resolutions?
  12. 18111398

    18111398 Elite Member

    Probably related to the resolution of your... own device, and that's why it's better to play Supersonic on iPhone 5 rather than on iPad and Green Zone on iPad rather than iPhone 5
    I believe that this problem is quite hard to solve.
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  13. Pizzaandy

    Pizzaandy Elite Member Beta tester

    I think the killzone should be kept static, and the camera zooms accordingly so that it fits into the kill zone.
    This might create some buffer space, where occasionally the clone will go off the screen but not die.
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  14. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I second this, it's kinda unfair that I only have my iPad mini to play with, while people with longer screens like iPhone 5S get an advantage. :( BADLAND is a skill-based game. We already have the new iPhone 6S Force Touch feature which kinda puts us older iDevice users at some disadvantage. (though I perfectly understand BADLAND is one of iOS highlight games and I can see that Frogmind can use that to allow Apple to showcase the Force Touch feature)

    I don't know how hard is it to reprogram the alive zone from simply using the edges of the screen to a fixed area which has to dynamically readjust all the time though. Hopefully Frogmind can try. :)

    Speaking of which, how does Force Touch exactly work on both BADLANDs? How does activating Force Touch help in piloting your clones? Faster ascend?
  15. Mirroga

    Mirroga New Member

    Whoa! Is this a return to Jungle? I really don't mind the returns to the same worlds like Badland 1. But it's a shame that it will redo the same themes.

    That is, unless I'm mistaken. It looks just like Jungle. I don't remember the background that much since I kind of blazed through Jungle Achievements (eggs) other than the racing challenges. I really wouoldn't mind a retread of old themes if they mix all the elements that have been introduced in the 4 worlds and create many more unique death obstacles and puzzles.
  16. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Haha, it's not actually. It IS JUNGLE. But look at what's running BADLAND 2...It's an Android device! So BADLAND 2 is coming to Android soon!

    Yeah! It's time to do all those levels and missions all over again! Every time I do a run - through of BADLAND levels, the better I get at them.
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  17. Mirroga

    Mirroga New Member

    Ah. I see. Finally, everyone can enjoy BADLAND 2 now.
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  18. Corran

    Corran Well-Known Member

    [quote: Vicvic91]Something is coming... soon[/quote]

    *tears hair out*

    HOW SOON!!!!!?????

  19. Corran

    Corran Well-Known Member

    That quote didn't work.
  20. Vicvic91

    Vicvic91 Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Badland 2 Android is coming on the next weeks now. :)

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