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    I don't believe this is something you did @Vavje, but is a little bug already in Badland itself.

    Perhaps you remember this part in the level Accelerator?

    At this portal the same thing appeared to happen moreoften. In your level it didn't happen to me for a long time, but when I tried to get even smaller than I normally was by skipping the size-up right before this section (the one between those saws) I had to do this by killing all clones but one, and from that moment the same bug sometimes appeared. Almost every time I went into the theatre with more than 1 clone, the bug only appeared when I was with 1 clone. Guess that's the trigger somehow.

    Being even smaller than normally at that point wasn't a good thing bytheway, you get squashed a lot easier being smaller.

    /Edit: Anyway, this was 2 days ago ;) :

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    You are insane @ShiV !
    45 clones, I will never trybto reproduce that ! Ahah
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    ShiV ! 45 ! You monster !
    About clony in portal : I think there is a bug on "Accelerator" or "Landscape" Camera cut.
    Edit : Thanks ShiV.
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