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Discussion in 'DAY I' started by Wheat1328, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Wheat1328

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    Le PUZZ



    Clones Saved

    Add your own Clone Counts into the Clone Saving Spreadsheet >>HERE<<


    Note: This is just a simple "Survive with one try" playthrough to show off this level here in the Badlands Forum.
  2. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    I got 41 clones here for LE PUZZ, which is (surprise sur-frickin-prise) 1 clone short of my target. :?
  3. AndroidUser

    AndroidUser Active Member

    I am from Russia and I'm Android user.
    I have here 49 clones.
  4. Ben Thumbs

    Ben Thumbs Clone Master Moderator

    Welcome aboard!
  5. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    I don't get it.. how is it possible to save 50+ clones? I tried a billion times until I got 50 through that chaos.
    Has anything changed here since last updates?
  6. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Nope, at least not that I know of. It's not the easiest of levels. I remember trying several things in terms of speed here, that has big effect. But, there's always a but, things 2 sides on every speed you'll have. If you try it slow, you'll have more time to easily collect the clones remaining at the end, no need to rush. But on the other hand, when you enter that part just before and you are slow, there's a big chance you lose a couple or a lot of clones when a few get whacked forward. The ones not hit won't be fast enough to keep track. Other way around, being faster, you have a way bigger chance in clones keeping up with other ones being whacked forward, but right after you have a bigger chance at losing clones since they will be sticky, and get stuck too long on things to collect them all properly.

    Size-wise there's also a couple of things you can try, all has impact. Just try when you're hit in between those whack-a-clone things not to take all size-ups, the bigger you'll become the bigger the chance is clones hinder each other and also get left behind. Also try not to hit the mine somewhere in the middle, costs you a big number in most cases. Believe something I did when I got those numbers, to not really look at the front row of clones but mostly at the bigger part at the back. Try to focus on those a bit, collect them throughout the part as tight as possible and try to let them fly somewhere in the middle between the ceiling and ground.

    You've seen Chic0's 54-run on Everyplay right? If not, that might help a bit. Believe my speed and/or size was a bit different than his, but in this level that's more of personal preference I believe. And of course, the big factor of luck is always on you need, believe I did try on my Lumia a bit back then already but had 40 or so, then tried a couple of rounds on my Galaxy SIII and believe second run I did turned into 53 there. Not my main playing device, frustration afterwards grew and grew when I just couldn't do it on the Lumia once more. Left it be for a while, later tried several things like I said above with speed/size and one time suddenly I made 54. Don't get nuts about this one, if it won't work better leave it at rest for some time and try again later.
  7. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I know Chic0's video. It didn't really help, but you took it all together. Thank you!
    I noticed my style of playing is a bit nervous sometimes and avoiding 1 slow power-up is the better solution for me.
    Maybe it's something similar in Cloneblower (pure chaos :D)

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