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    Hey everyone! Ever since I've started BADLAND, I realized that most people don't know how to straight-fly. So what I did was make a quick level in my spare time just for fun for people to learn or practice their skills for straight flying. :)

    Here is the link:

    You can choose up to 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

    Easy Mode is recommended for players who are new and/or don't know how to straight-fly.

    Medium (Normal) Mode is recommended for players who know how to straight-fly and simply would like to practice with their skills.

    Hard Mode is for those hardcore players out there who REALLY want to test their skills. For those who manage to complete Hard Mode, you will be rewarded with a message from yours truly, at the end of the level. :mrgreen:

    For those who might complain that Hard Mode is impossible, here is a replay of me completing it without any hacks or whatsoever:

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    But....... I thought like this, when I was reading about the easy one
    Can you post a vid of you completing this level first to last?
    Btw nice work :)
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