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    Post any ideas for new online levels here! Putting the level type after the name (eg. Level Name [C for clone saving, T for time trial, S for survival]) would help too!
    Here are some of mine, I'll update as I come up with more ideas :)
    Lonemayhem (T)
    Do I have to elaborate? Yes? OK. It's the same as Clonemayhem, but with one clone instead.
    Firefloods (S)
    This is an Inferno level with a static camera. There is a grid that looks like this:
    __ __ __
    ...but thicker, and alternates as you go down. But then, tiny saws rain from the top, going at random speeds. Lots of fun!
    Shipmentality (S)
    Frozen level, static camera. A bunch of boxes shoot from all directions, with deadly saws at the bottom. You get the occasional superclone to help.
    Meteors (S)
    Infinity level, moving camera. You're on a giant planet, but with deadly bombs dropping from the sky! Be on the move and hope to survive...
    Death Roller (T)
    Circle of Death as green rolly!
    Gorge (T)
    Jungle level. Simply fall down as rolly and avoid traps, but get those sparce clone powerups!
    Stopwatch (S)
    Infinity static. A circle arena, a rotating laser, and some replicants (not sawed). Every 5-10 seconds, the laser rotates in the other direction. The replicants also temporarily deactivate.
    Escalator (T)
    A giant slanted hall with multiple hazards. Designed after Esc.
    Nuclear Flood (T)
    A massive lake of green lava. Ramps and jumps along the way, with a green waterfall at the end!
    Refraction (S)
    Frozen static. Half circle shape room, flat side facing right. A frozen laser extends and retract from the right hand bottom, with one bounce. But the surface it bounces off is a small piece of metal that rotates randomly, so it's hard to predict where it will land. Top and bottom have a bunch of saws.
    (I made what it might look like in BL1!)
    That's it for now :)
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  2. Vicvic91

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    Thank s for the ideas.
    Can you just add some blueprints for each idea ? :)
  3. InterludeDude

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    What do you mean by blueprints?
  4. Vicvic91

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    A little draw to explain eheh :)
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    Well I'm totally up for drawing! It might be difficult as I'm on mobile, but I'll try!
    Edit: Neither the link nor the direct link show the image!
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    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    Planet Blender: Survival

    Infinity lvl. You are an alien rolly clony, on a drifting planet. There are planets coming in randomly and you have to transfer yourself before you end up into the Screen of doom. A few saws in the mix. Boom! A planet blender.

    Also, Revolutions, Kaboom Crash, Dodge, and Boundaries are good ideas as Survival. How bout ETERNITY FALL as a clone lvl? But instead of always ending up in the beginning, you go through 100 of those before ending up in the weird portalingy thingy?

    Portalingy thingy... Did I just say that?
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  7. InterludeDude

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    Clonefall variations!
    Quadfall: Accidentaly inspired by CUBE MAN. You can guess, you're not a replicant! (citation needed) May be INFERNO themed.
    Rollfall: Clonefall as alien roller with platforms to fall on!
    Clonerise: Clonefall reversed.
    Greenfall: Clonefall w/ alien roller AND clone powerups!
    Clonefallers: Clonesaver with Replicants scattered about! INFINITY themed.
    Rollriser: Clonerise and Rollfall combined! Has pistons seen in FREEZY.

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