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Discussion in 'ETERNAL DAY' started by Vicvic91, Jan 29, 2016.

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    MANY BLESS is probably inspired by Crush, and also by Apparatus.
    That's true !

    But seems that it look different too. For me, seems more like an inspired or a like-level.

    It's an amazing great level, with the best of Crush and Apparatus : I mean each zones are optimized to be funny and very replayable....

    ... But this level miss some updates by @Miikka ?
    . Yes the final zone need to avoid killing each clones
    . Just before there is a saw in levitation... I think this saw can be deleted, to fix the harmony of the level-design
    . And to be fun-to-play, this level need a lot of multiclones-powerups !!! Each parts is maked to lost a lot of clones, and can be replayable to found how to avoid the others powerups to keep small and without rotating clones !

    There is a big potential on this level, just need to be exploited.
    And then, it will be a great Eternal Day level ! :)
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  3. Vicvic91

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    Ping @Miikka :
    Thanks for resolving the final saw !

    Still 1 problem : there is only 12 clones to save, not 15...
    Btw, can you add more multiclones-powerups in each parts ? :)
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  4. Miikka

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    Oh. This will be fixed. I think I might just lower the 12 clone mission.
  5. Good_Smile

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    Thanks fam!

    CUBE MAN OFFICIAL Penguin Clony

    I played this level today.

    I don't want to be mean to this level, but seriously, IT SUCKS.

    Almost everything is copied, and it's not techy. Plus, it's spelled MANY BLESSINGS not 'MANY BLESS'. I seriously cracked up when I saw that.

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