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    So by now most of you have heard of the newest BL game. I’ve been playing the soft launch version and so far, it’s pretty great! :)

    Please do not hate me as this is MY OPINION!

    The graphics are well done, the sounds sound nice, and the current (yet small) community are very welcoming and friendly. (Prepare for hackers and rude idiots to ruin everything! Grrr...)

    But like every other game, a game must have its flaws. In my point of view, this game is addicting, but it’s kind of like Clash Royale—just more physics-based. For example, the egg openings are similar to CR’s chest openings and both games have a similar donation and “clan” system. This really isn’t much of a big deal as it is much harder to collect gold in BL Brawl than it is in Clash Royale.

    Other things I’d like to point out is the numerous bugs. Everyone knows they’re awfully annoying! For example, there’s this “lag” thing going around players (and yes, I am a victim of it) and it makes the game so laggy it makes it nearly impossible to progress through the lands. But so far, there’s WAY too many bugs for me to point out in one thread. :(

    The worst part about this game is the matchmaking system. The matchmaking system is currently pure cancer. The number of trophies you earn and lose through each battle is the number of trophies in your party compared the your opponent’s party trophies. This means that if you have about 831 trophies and your opponent had 851 trophies, you will earn about 20-35 trophies. But if you lost, prepare to say goodbye to a whopping 40 or in some cases, even 60+ trophies! So if you lose 3-4 brawls in a row, that’s about 1-2 hours of trophy grinding put to waste! :mad:

    This makes pressing the “Brawl” button EXTREMELY risky due to the fact that you never know who you’re going to get matched with, especially when you are in the higher lands, like Canyon Noon and up.

    One last thing I would like to point out is the rarity of clones. No, I am not saying that there are certain clones that are broken due to their rarity, because that part of it is perfectly fine as of now. I’m saying that getting Mythical clones is sometimes too rare. It’s kind of like getting a Legendary Card in CR, but 3/4 as rare. Literally all the Mythical Clones I’ve been getting have been Bomb Drones (on my second account, I won’t tell you about that yet) while other players who have been playing at a much later time then I have, have almost all the Mythical Clones like Doggo Horde (it’s annoying to go against it).

    That’s about all I have to say about Badland Brawl. Overall, I think this game is pretty great and exciting to play :) I hope you enjoyed this little rant that I made, and with all the crazy Brawls I look forward to, I just LOVE defeating people and making them angry for my skill. Because no one like losing, and neither do I.
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    Time to check out the game

    But wait, it's not on Android yet
    From da videos I guess it is a bit like angry birds and use some brain(?). So also tell about the clans so that if all this forum members can join the same one, it'll be cool
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    we can wait until Android v. releases and check whether iOS and android can collab|
    if cant, I could be single here too cause I never havent joined a group where these are there, eg Shadow fight 2:mrgreen:
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    I had already stated that the “clan” system is the same as CR’s. You should know how it works if you’ve ever played :)
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    LOLOL I havent:sweatsmile:
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    I have to say, I find this game Snazzy as Hell.
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