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  1. Eden

    Eden New Member

    So I am new to the game badland2. I am not sure if I should have started with badland first or if it matters? There isn't a real explanation of how to move the creature at all... So just a little me!!! So should I load badland2 first and start there to understand game or can I still stick with badland2 and still learn how move around etc..can someone give me some
    advice. Thanks
  2. Vicvic91

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    Welcome !

    You are in the good place to get help !
    In Badland games, the only move is click to fly : you go up when you click, and down when you unclick.
    Now in BL2 there is 1 more move : if you click left you fly to the left, if you move right you fly to the right :)
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  3. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Welcome to the forums, too!

    Badland was first, you could tap anywhere on the screen to fly up, and to the right as it was the only direction.

    In Badland 2 flying to the left was added, so you have to use both thumbs (at least I suppose most people use their thumbs), tapping on the right side of the screen to go right, and on the left to go in that direction.

    My left hand coordination is still not as good as the right, so I tend to play levels bad where left is much needed (other than stopping/delaying a little). But previous experience on Badland 1 doesn't help with that. Except there are Coop levels in BL1 for up to four players, and playing two players alone (using one thumb for each) obviously trains to coordinate.

    Badland 2 can be played without prior playing of BL1. For me, it's just a bit trickier.
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  4. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    Personally my suggestion does depend on what OS on you on? Android or iOS?

    If you are on Android, then I would actually suggest playing BADLAND for a while first. Both BADLANDs are free so why not? :) Reason is BADLAND 2 is harder and without being used to the "style" of BADLAND (How traps can come at you, how sensitive the controls are, etc), BADLAND 2 has quite a steep difficulty to overcome.

    If you are on iOS, then I say just go with BADLAND 2, unless you are liberal with your expenses and can afford to pay the first and original BADLAND (which like in the Android version, I recommend so).

    Pausing as you play your first level should help, and pretty much explains the controls like the 2 members above me try to explain as well. Most importantly, just experiment around. Controls are quite simple to be honest but you probably need to adjust to its sensitivity.
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  5. Eden

    Eden New Member

    Thank you everyone for replying. I will try Badland sounds like it will help a little. I have Android for the last reply so sounds like starting with Badland may get me used to the set up of the game. I kind of get it but the controls and moving the thing not sure what the creature is well fusterating lol. Thank you all again for the replies and suggestions.
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  6. Eden

    Eden New Member

    Thank you for the reply to the question I had. I am going to try Badland for a few and then go back to Badland 2 after getting through a couple tries or so of the first game. Thank you again
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