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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Jaakko, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Jaakko

    Jaakko Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Hello and welcome everyone!
    As you can see the BADLAND forums are now in new location and using a new forum software.

    This thread is dedicated to feedback, suggestions, bug reports, etc. regarding the new forums (this thread is not for BADLAND feedback). So please post here if you find something on the forums that is not working, is working incorrectly, or just looks silly. Feature suggestions are welcome as well. Happy posting :)
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  2. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    There are a few things I've noticed, sure I'm forgetting about a few now but no doubt I'll remember about those later again. Anyway, first thing I saw was when you hover your mouse-arrow above General Discussion, the words 'A Fan Site' appear. Leftover I suppose from the transition;) Second thing, all the posts posted before are tripled. My number of posts were 110 I believe, this is my second here, 3*110+2 makes 332, that's supposedly my number of posts. Should be 112 ;) (this counts for every member of the old forums). Third, perhaps a personal suggestion, 'Why fix it if it ain't broken?'. In the old forums the levels from the days had another subcategory, Dawn, Noon etc. My personal preference is to do that again. 40 levels through one another can be a little messy, the levels don't have to be on order but it would be nice if there was some clear sight on them ;)

    If I remember/see some other things I'll tell, but I've got to say for just being 1 day of age this already looks slick, with some nice extra features! Hope you'll attract a good crowd here.

    /Edit: First thing I forgot. There never seemed a big need for it since there was hardly anything to talk about and it did not have that many active people in it, but perhaps an extra board for Multiplayer should be made? If (what I suspect) a bigger amount of people will get here some might like a place to talk about that aspect of the game.
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  3. Jaakko

    Jaakko Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    Thanks ShiV!

    That post count issue is unfortunate indeed. Some problem in the import from PHPBB -> Xenforo I suppose. I'll look into it.
    Edit: Now everyone's post count should be correct.

    The subcategories were combined to keep the frontpage more streamlined, as the GotY category will mostly repeat the categories of the BADLAND category. The threads could be renamed to have day of time prefix and level number for improved readability/searchability.

    On the GotY category there's already multiplayer forum. I added one for the BADLAND category as well.
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  4. Flamingjazz

    Flamingjazz Hardcore Gamer Moderator

    One thing I've noticed is that it's pretty similar to the old site in structure yet looks better, but still has me trying to figure some things out.
    In my opinion, what would be great is if this site had an opening page to explain about the site and how to use it. Perhaps it could explain the use of the forums, the advantages of being a member, what trophy points are (why do we have trophy points? Bragging rights?), and maybe rules, all in an opening page. Wouldn't have to be long or anything. It also could point to some helpful links such as the achievement guide, the News and Misc page, and any other pages deemed helpful to most.

    Wow, a lot has happened in the first day of this site.
    I will make sure to report anything else I see.
  5. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I've been exploring mainly the account settings of the new forums, so haven't look in detail into anything else, so far everything for account settings still pretty much stays the same.

    Few things noticed that went missing:
    - The ability to quote others has disappeared.
    - Needs more smiles! :D Many posts have their smiles taken away due to the limited range of smiles available for now.
    - Forum Ranks have disappeared? Personally I think this is a good way to encourage more active participation by leveling up in rank.

    But since we've gone official, I thought I would start voicing out some improvements to be made.
    - Changing the number of posts and topics viewed on each page. Personally, I dislike seeing too man pages and prefer to just read more at a time.
    - Making images in posts expand one you click/hover over them. Rather than clicking on it and opening another tab.
    - It would be awesome if Everyplay videos could be embedded just like YouTube videos since after Badland uses Everyplay to record replays.

    I'll think of more soon and that's all for now!
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  6. Wheat1328

    Wheat1328 Ultimate Survivor Moderator

    Just hit the "reply" button on someone's post to quote them. ;)
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  7. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Sorry for the late reply, read it within an hour or so after you posted it but had some busy days. Indeed the post count is correct as it is now. On the subcategories, I understand your choice. But perhaps something like a prefix / suffix towards a level's name like you say would be handy. Narrows down the number of options you would have to look in between.

    A few other things I've noticed;
    • On my phone the image of the word 'Badland' up top seems a bit low-resolution. Since these are the official forums it would be nice if that picture would have the same sharp and stunning resolution as the game has itself ;). In my opinion it also can be a bit bigger (at least, from a laptops point of view as I have now, perhaps bigger wouldn't look that great on a mobile phone).
    • The words 'Official BADLAND forums', also at the top, look out of place. Perhaps they should appear just underneath the picture mentioned in previous point, or perhaps just get a revamp. Anyhow, they don't fit in at all with the overall style of the rest of the forums, everything looks slick and styled at one another, except that sentence. Almost looks like a forgotten leftover from long ago or something.
    • In my eyes Administrators/Moderators should be recognized as such, and be respected in their opinion. The way it is now I hardly (at first sight) notice the admins/mods in between normal user posts. At the old forums they would have a red or green name, what made them noticeable. Just like you are noticeable with the green band telling Frogmind. Perhaps something like this would be possible for them as well?
    • /Edit: Another point I've thought of; When looking at a members list it sometimes can be handy or interesting to see them in a chronological order (who joined first etc). Even though there are a lot of options in viewing members, this one isn't one of them. Perhaps would be nice (not needed per se) if that would be possible.
  8. Jaakko

    Jaakko Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    • Quoting should work as Wheat1328 explained
    • I'll look into adding new smilies -> Added
    • Yes, forums ranks needs to come back
    • I'll look into enabling it for users to change how many posts are shown per page
    • Image lightbox, also a good feature -> enabled default feature. If it's not good enough, will look into addons providing the functionality
    • I'll add Everyplay embbed support
    Everyplay videos can now be added:
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  9. Jaakko

    Jaakko Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    • Looks like there's a over zealous optimization for mobile device's graphics. I'll see if I can make it less eager to optimize
    • I added blue badge for mods
    • Yea, I guess it could be useful to sort members by "date joined"
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  10. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    I saw it earlier but didn't really look into it: the same thing applies to Conversations. Every post of imported conversations is there 3 times. Plus they are no longer threaded, but every post is shown as a single conversation, the reply to it too and so on. I wondered how many conversations I had in the old forum. ;-) For me this is no big thing, I can delete two of every triple, and then there are not so many left that the threading is really necessary. Ah, just looked into the old board, Private Messages were never threaded there.

    Should they be renamed? Would be the next thing to do, before the public announce and the start of GOTY.

    Or could DAY1 and DAY2 be split in 4 subforums each? I'd nearly prefer that, if the permalinks will still work afterward. In no case it should lead to any broken links and the like. I'd rather have to go Forums -> DAY1 -> DAWN -> Clone than Forums -> DAY1 and search 40 topics for Clone. Yes, I know that we can set that 40 topics are shown on one page. But even then one would have to search all 40 topics, don't think that prefixes help much there.
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  11. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    There is no full member list currently. We only have "Notable members" by Most Likes, Messages, Points, and Staff Members. And there are not more than 20 members listed.

    A search for "member list" at Xenforo Forum gives some hits, for instance "If it's just the Registered Members list that's missing, that needs enabling in the ACP. Use the ACP search for "Enable Member List" to find it." and "ACP > User Options > Enable Member List". Off by default.

    Can you add this please?

    Sortable by date joined seems to be a bit more complicated, but a search with "member list date joined" at XenForo gives some promising hits.
  12. Jaakko

    Jaakko Administrator Staff Member Frogmind

    The Member list has been enabled the whole time. I'll see if it's theme/template issue that we're not seeing the alpabetical list of members anywhere. At least I haven't found it yet. Actually it is on: Members > Registered Members (in the sub menu). Is it visible to you guys? My test account can see it at least.
  13. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    Believe I didn't see it before but indeed, full memberlist is where you say it is :) Little question: Can it perhaps also be possible to choose whether you use it like this (alphabetical list) or ordened on date a member joined the forums?
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  14. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Yes, like ShiV said. Showed up Monday or yesterday. Thanks.

    I have not seen anything on XenForo where someone said this is possible, only that the list can be either sorted alphabetical or by date, no switching. But perhaps more searching there might help. I'm happy with alphabetical for now.
  15. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Mmh. @Jaakko liked my post, so I thought the idea to split DAY1 and 2 into subcategories wasn't so bad. Then forgot about asking again, and now tomorrow is release day. ;-) I'll start with initial posts with the level names (please, let them be the same ;-), but will only do the first ten in Day 1 and 2 for now and wait a few hours - at least - before doing the rest. If the 40 threads of a day are to be in one forum like now I think prefixes won't do much for sorting, as this is by last post. So I'll give just the level names.
  16. ShiV

    ShiV True Gamer

    For now they are, I received a steam-code with their twitter action and up to Day II at least noon they are, I've played it up to Dusk somewere. Will add a post about it later today when I'm done working ;)
  17. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Thanks! Already started with the names, and preparing a sheet for the spreadsheet.

    Didn't participate in the twitter action, but saw it. Will pay tomorrow, or at weekend. A first review from you would be nice.
  18. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Finished with all levels, and I inserted a GotYE sheet to the spreadsheet. Please look for any issues. Decided to erase all max pos values and also the number of clones per level. So the last has to be counted anew, didn't know how far the changes go, and better count again than to have flailed flawed data. But I left the conditional formating, possibly we will have to change that, too.

    Erased most players and left only some I thought who will play GotYE, too. They gray cells will hopefully go white when the first player puts his results in.
  19. <|-|!<0

    <|-|!<0 Dr. Doomsday

    Yoo, i want a steam code!!

    Is it too different ShiV? Is it cool?
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  20. Flamingjazz

    Flamingjazz Hardcore Gamer Moderator

    As much hype as it's getting, i don't own something to do the GOTY on. I don't even own a computer (on my bucket list!)
    i will be focusing primarily on mobile, including the eventual new update

    i want to play GOTY!!
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