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Discussion in 'COOP' started by FBI Light Rock, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    First of all, thank you AndroidUser for counting the number of clones within some of the Dawn Day I levels! :D

    As I looked through the COOP spreadsheet today, I realized the flaw in recording the number of clones. Since the number of players vary, you can start between 2 to 4 clones. This means that if lets say you save ALL the clones in the level, doing so with 2 players will get you 2 less than playing with the maximum 4 players. This is thus unfair to those who play single-handedly (to control 2 players simultaneously) compared to those who grab their pro friends to save the clones using 4 players. (For all you know, perhaps one day Lunartic, grandmort, Wheat and ogster decided to meet up somehow and have a one shot blast in saving clones in COOP :lol: )

    Thus, to eliminate the unfairness (although it is more likely that we clone warriors take on the task single-handedly, but we cannot rule out the other possibility), I decided to base our clone counts on the EXTRA number of clones saved. Basically, take your resultant clone count and subtract the number of players you have used during the run.

    So for example, since we are likely to just use 2 players to play single-handedly, if you got 22 clones for Spiral, the number to be recorded on the spreadsheet will be 22 - 2 = 20 instead. Eliminate the + sign behind that number (E.g. put 20 NOT 20+) since the spreadsheet algorithm can't recognize the number otherwise.

    If you save less clones than the number of players, thus resulting in a negative number (E.g. You save only 1 mesely clone in the level Clone, but played with 3 players. The result is a -2), put down the negative number, and leave NO SPACING between the minus sign and the number (E.g. -1, not - 1), and the spreadsheet will recognize the negative number accordingly.

    For counting the number of clones within a level, also use the number of EXTRA clones you will get during the level (whether or not you lose or kill them later). For example, if there are 3 Superclone powerups and 7 single clone powerup in Level X, record it as Level X (37). Do not append the + once again; this is to make the spreadsheet more uniform to be the number of EXTRA clones. The same goes for maximums, so only append the + when there is a somewhat close approximation to the actual max that cannot be immediately told. As usual, the ? is allowed when it is too difficult to determine the max number of EXTRA clones that can be saved as this number can wildly fluctuate.

    Thank yoy for your go start saving more clones in COOP as well! Good luck! :D Don't forget to steady your nerves and thumbs! :lol:
  2. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I have assumed that everyone who has input their scores into the spreadsheet for COOP has only used 2 players for all levels they have played. So I have already deducted 2 from all the clone counts for every level, every player. If you have used more than 2 players for any of the levels, please be honest and correct your clone count for the level (s) accordingly! Thank you!

    P.S. I feel weird to see the current maximum for Final Frontier is a big fat 0.Yeah, and even weirder a couple of clone counts are also 0, lol. There's even -1s in the spreadsheet! :lol:
  3. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I've decided to change the clone counts back to original as it would be easier for everyone to input their clone counts straight without the need to subtract the number of starting clones. I think it's logical to reward players who really can use more players to achieve a great score.

    Instead, I changed the number of clones indicated in each level in parenthesis by appending "+4" to the end to account for the starting clones. Of course, most of us go for 2 thumb madness, so the added up maximum is unlikely to be achieved.
  4. n0phun

    n0phun Master of Disaster Moderator

    Much better this way, thanks. The sheet has not been used much, I'd like to see the results of some more players here. Just added my complete results some days ago.

    I've started to make a sheet with all missions (single and coop). Think I'm going to get the "Friends With Benefits" achievement. 270 missions isn't achievable in coop for now (can't do the glitched ones and some others), it may be - for better players than me - when the Daydream levels come out.
  5. Flamingjazz

    Flamingjazz Hardcore Gamer Moderator

    Well, I entered mine, I wouldn't necessarily rely on these results or really anyone's.
    Try out the level clonepower again and tell me if 71 clones is very easy or even possible because that is what I have according to my game, and i got it first run through of the level. Same with a few other levels.
    It'd be fun to compare, sure, but I don't know how reliable even clone counts are with the bugged coop system.
  6. Arus73

    Arus73 Elite Member

    I entered my COOP data but I don't know if it is saved in the spreadsheet. The link is:
  7. FBI Light Rock

    FBI Light Rock Techno Fury Moderator Beta tester

    I see it there. Don't worry, all results in automatically saved the moment any changes are made to any cell in the worksheets. That's how Google Sheets work. :)

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